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RELEASE: September 11, 2007


MVCs Harrington Unveils Blueprint for Future
Stresses need to ensure MVC’s sustainability

Touting the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission’s (MVC) progress to date, Chief Administrator Sharon A. Harrington, today, unveiled a blueprint for the organization’s future as she presented the Commission with MVC Forward: Strategies for Excellence. The report, the culmination of the reconvening of the Fix DMV Commission, provides the MVC with a number of recommendations designed to continue the organization’s positive momentum and ensure that it is able to sustain itself for the future.

Produced following many months of work by the MVC’s five statutorily-created advisory councils, the report details over 30 Strategies for Excellence that the groups, along with other stakeholders, identified in the areas of Safety, Security and Privacy, Technology, Customer Service and Business. In addition, Harrington also established an ad-hoc financial committee of MVC staff and other stakeholders to ensure a stable fiscal future for the MVC.

“As I have said many times before, we have accomplished a great deal in a short period of time, but the MVC is not yet fixed,” Harrington said. “With MVC Forward, the advisory councils have provided us with a road map to continue our success in providing security and service to our customers. This is a tremendous boost to our ongoing efforts to make the MVC a sustainable organization.”  

MVC Forward outlines the steps that should be taken to ensure that the MVC continues its progress in providing security, service and safety to New Jersey’s motoring public. Many of the Strategies for Excellence require legislative action to provide the MVC with the authority to implement critical changes that will enhance the organization’s operations. Others require a commitment from the MVC and its partners to develop sensible solutions to a variety of issues, including an upgrade to the computer system, continued security enhancements and long term fiscal stability. All the recommendations work towards the goal of allowing the MVC to become a model for excellence in motor vehicle services.

“Citizens measure the value of state government by the security and service they receive – the MVC is on the front lines in providing both to its customers,” said W. Cary Edwards, former New Jersey Attorney General and member of the original Fix DMV Commission. “The steps outlined in this report, if followed, will complete the work of fixing the DMV. I am proud to be part of the team that is finally getting the work done.”

Reconvening the Fix DMV Commission in January, and reaching out to hundreds of other stakeholders over the last several months, was Harrington’s first step in reaching her goal of ensuring a sustainable MVC. Keeping in mind that the original Fix DMV Commission stressed the need for long-term planning to ensure that established improvements were not slowly eroded by unstable funding, she committed to following through on the MVC Forward recommendations and emphasized their implementation as a priority.

“When the MVC began its reforms, our first priority was security – we needed to ensure that the licensing process was secure, that our documents were secure and that our facilities were secure. Today, New Jersey has one of the most secure digital driver licenses in the country and we continue to be at the forefront of document fraud prevention,” Harrington said. “Our organization is fully committed to completing the work of the Fix DMV Commission and to looking ahead to anticipate and integrate emerging technologies into daily transactions. If this report demonstrates anything, it is that in order to remain secure, we must be sustainable.”

MVC Forward: Strategies for Excellence will serve as a blueprint as the MVC continues its progress into the future. Many of the recommendations are long-term projects that will span years before completion. The MVC will prioritize recommendations within MVC Forward to create a sustainable and stable future for the organization while always looking to provide exceptional service to customers, New Jersey citizens and the MVC’s business and government partners.  Copies of MVC Forward can be downloaded at www.njmvc.gov.

Download MVC Forward: Strategies for Excellence [1.13m pdf]