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RELEASE: August 8, 2008


Military Customer Advisory

Administrative Order 2008-02 dated August 8, 2008

License Extension Offered for Active Duty Military Personnel

(TRENTON) – New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Chief Administrator Sharon A. Harrington signed Administrative Order 2008-02, which renews last year’s order granting all New Jerseyans who are active duty military personnel serving in the war on terrorism, including the National Guard and Military Reserves, that they are eligible for automatic extensions of a valid driver license, registration and inspection expiration dates.

Each year, Chief Administrator Harrington signs an Administrative Order, which grants extensions to military personnel during active service in the war on terrorism (including Operations Noble Eagle and Enduring Freedom) or Operation Iraqi Freedom. License, registration and inspection documents will remain valid until two weeks after demobilization.

Law enforcement are aware of the extension, however, military personnel should carry a copy of the letter signed by Chief Administrator Harrington, which can be found on www.njmvc.gov, along with their active duty military credentials when operating a motor vehicle.

“This year over 3,000 New Jersey National Guard troops were deployed as part of the war on terrorism. These deployments can cause hardships on both the soldiers and their families,” Harrington said. “This order is just one small step in easing that burden on our active duty military personnel.”