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RELEASE: October 27, 2011

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MVC Offers Free Car Care Checks to Mt. Laurel Seniors
Vehicle Owners Urged to Be Responsible

(MT. LAUREL TWP.) – Proper vehicle maintenance and free car checks were the focus of the day for seniors in the Mt. Laurel area as New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC) Chief Administrator Raymond P. Martinez and his team of trained safety specialists took part in a Fall Car Care event today at the Mt. Laurel Community Center.

The event was organized in an effort to promote responsible vehicle ownership and to encourage regular car care throughout the year.

“With more than five million registered vehicles traveling the roadways of our state, it is important for owners to understand their responsibilities when it comes to car care,” said Martinez. “Routine maintenance, whether provided by a local garage, dealership or done by the owner, not only ensures a safer vehicle, but it also goes a long way in preventing costly repairs that can quickly drain a wallet.”

Joining Martinez at the event were Sen. Diane Allen, R-7, and Mt. Laurel Mayor Jim Keenan.

“It is our hope this event will help our seniors cross off one more thing on their To-Do list to prepare for the harsher weather ahead,” said Sen. Allen.

From lights and windshield wipers checks to advice on oil, brake and tire changes, motorists were advised of any issues that needed attention. They were also reminded that keeping a vehicle in shape is essential because law enforcement can cite a driver at any time for failure to make repairs to a vehicle.

“The timing of this event was very fortuitous for the many seniors of Mt. Laurel and I know they join me in thanking the MVC for stopping in our community right before the start of winter,” said Keenan.

In addition to car care, Martinez highlighted the important role that the state’s federally-mandated emissions inspections play in maintaining air quality. The inspections are conducted every two years on vehicles that are older than five model years at any one of 26 central inspection stations or 1,100 licensed, private inspection facilities.

The MVC continues to promote the environmental benefits of its emissions testing program and vehicle owner responsibility through its NJInspections campaign, which launched in 2009. The campaign is used to communicate federally-mandated clean air messages, provide helpful maintenance tips, promote energy efficiency through “green” driving and assist owners in preparing for an inspection.

“Regular car care is an easy but necessary part of being a vehicle owner,” added Martinez.

For more information, visit www.njinspections.com