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Motorized bikes (mopeds)

A motorized bike (moped) is a pedal bicycle with a helper motor, electric or gas-powered, and is exempt from inspection requirements. For a vehicle to qualify as a moped, it must meet all four of the following conditions:
  • Be classified as a pedal bicycle
  • Have a motor with less than 50 CCs
  • Cannot have more than 1.5 brake horsepower
  • Maximum speed cannot be greater than 25 MPH on a flat surface
Vehicles without pedals that are less than 50 CCs, cannot be registered as mopeds. They must be registered as motorcycles, regardless of engine size.

To register your moped please visit an MVC Agency with
  • A Manufacturer's Certificate of Origin (MCO)
  • Title or registration
  • If it isn't titled or registered, you need to get a notarized statement from the previous owner, describing the vehicle and sale price
  • Proof of insurance

All standards required for motorcycle registration must be met.

Pocket bikes
Pocket bikes are small-scale motorcycles with gasoline engines less than 50 CCs that can reach speeds of 45 mph. By new definition from the state legislature, pocket bikes are considered toys.

Because pocket bikes cannot be titled, insured or registered they cannot be used on public property. However, municipalities now can designate areas where they can be used. Contact your local municipality for more information.

To operate a pocket bike:
  • You must be at least 12 years old with liability insurance and always wearing a helmet
  • Register your bike with the municipality (they may charge you a registration fee)
  • If you don't follow these regulations your pocket bike can be seized and you can face charges up to $200 for a first offense. Subsequent offenses can result in fines of more than $500, permanent seizure and community service