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New resident: registering your out-of-state vehicle

You must register your vehicles within 60 days or before your out-of-state registration expires (whichever is first).

How to register your vehicle

Visit any MVC Agency with the necessary documents:
  • If you have a lien on the title, you will need to submit an application (ISM/SS-54) to the lien holder to release the title
  • If you leased the vehicle, you must contact the leasing company to have your vehicle registered and titled in New Jersey
  • The name of your New Jersey insurance company and policy number
  • Proof of Social Security (or exemption)
  • Your vehicle's odometer reading
  • Your current New Jersey driver license number (If you are unlicensed, a number will be assigned to you once you have presented acceptable proof of identification)
  • Complete an application for titling (Form ISM/SS-7) and registration (Form BA-49)
  • Fill out the sales tax stamp on the application (Form ISM/SS-7). You will not be charged sales tax, but this information must be completed noting the proper exemption
A complete listing of registration fees is available.

You may present your vehicle for inspection at an State Inspection Station or a Private Inspection Facility within 14 days of registration. You will need a valid driver license, new registration and a proof of NJ insurance.