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Private utilities, house semi-trailers and trailers

All private utilities, house semi-trailers and privately used trailers are included in Code 22 regulations.

To register your trailer
Visit an MVC Agency with proof of identification to complete an application (Form BA-49) and pay the registration fee. Present a notarized bill of sale or a notarized statement of receipt from the seller including:
  • Year, make and serial number
  • Name of buyer and purchase price
  • Date and sellers signature
Every vehicle - including non-conventional vehicles - must contain a manufacturer's serial number. Motor vehicle agenceis may only assign serial numbers for homemade trailers.

Trailer registrations expire in March
Trailer registrations are due for renewal in March. All registrations are issued with a March 31 expiration date regardless of the month of purchase.

To register a homemade trailer
To title and/or register a homemade trailer, visit your local MVC Agency with acceptable proof of identification and the following:
  • Original receipts/titles for all parts used
  • Notarized statement containing construction details, parts and material used, and date and location where parts were purchased. If parts were taken from another trailer/vehicle, you must list the VIN’s of the vehicles it was taken from.
  • A certified weight slip
  • Color photographs showing all angles of trailer
  • If trailer weighs more than 2,500 lbs. (unladen), it must be titled; therefore, OS/SS-32 form must be completed.
  • If trailer weighs 2,500 lbs. or less (unladen), it must only be registered; therefore,
    BA-49 form must be completed at the MVC Agency.
  • Pay registration fee (Code 22) and title fee, if applicable
The law limits vehicles of this type to the following dimensions:
  • Width: 96 inches
  • Height: 13 feet, 6 inches
  • Length (single vehicle): 35 feet
  • Length ( semi-trailer and towing vehicle): 48 feet
  • Length ( trailer and towing vehicle): 58 feet

When figuring any dimension, safety equipment items (such as mirrors or lights) are not included if they do not exceed the overall limitations.

If the GVWR (including load) is more than 3,000 lbs. or 40% of the towing vehicle's gross weight, the trailer must be equipped with brakes.