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Alcohol impairs your judgment and slows your reaction time, making it more difficult to drive safely while also putting other motorists at risk.
  • In New Jersey it is illegal for motorists 21 years or older to drive with a BAC of .08% or higher
  • If you are younger than 21, it is illegal for you to drive with a BAC of .01% or higher
  • Heavy drinking will always produce a high BAC, regardless of what type of alcohol you consumed. Eating does not make you sober. Only time will. Arrange for a designated driver or a cab when you have been drinking
Breath test
  • New Jersey has an Implied Consent Law that states that all drivers operating on New Jersey roadways have agreed to submit to a breath test following an arrest for a drinking and driving offense
  • If you refuse to take the breath test you will be detained and face up to three years of surcharges and suspension
  • The refusal to submit to a breath test is equivalent to driving with a BAC of .08% or higher–you will lose your driving privileges for up to one year

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