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These step-by-step instructions will help you order specialty plates. Click "Get Started" at any time to begin your order. MVC will assign a new plate number for your specialty plate or you can personalize it.

*Note: leased vehicle plates not available online
If your vehicle is leased, you cannot purchase sports or dedicated plates online. Sports plate applications are available for download to order by mail instead. Dedicated plates are sold at all local motor vehicle agencies.


  • This application will open in a new window. To view the application, make sure your browser's pop-up blocker is disabled
  • Have your debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, or Discover) and plate number ready before you begin. You will also need to know your driver license number and Social Security number
  • You will be charged upon placing your order.
  • Privacy Notice

1 step 1

User Authentication

  • Enter a five-digit zip code
  • Enter your driver license number
  • Enter your Social Security number
  • Click "Continue"
2 step 2

Terms and Restrictions- confirm shipping address

  • Read the Terms and Restrictions
  • Enter your current plate number
  • Click "Continue"
  • Confirm shipping address*

*Important note: plates will be shipped to address on record. If incorrect, change your address before ordering specialty plates

3 step 3

Select Specialty Plate Category

Select specialty plate category:

  • Sports Plates
    • MLB- Mets, Yankees, Phillies
    • NFL- Jets, Giants, Eagles
    • NBA- Knicks, Nets, 76ers
    • NHL- Devils, Flyers
    • NASCAR

  • Dedicated Plates
    • Organ Donor
    • Law Enforcement Memorial
    • Animal Welfare
    • Agriculture
    • Meadowlands
    • Deborah Heart & Lung
    • Liberty State Park
    • Treasure our Trees
    • Pinelands
    • United We Stand
    • Discover NJ History
    • Baymen's Heritage
    • Conquer Cancer
    • USS New Jersey Battleship
    • Olympic Spirit
    • Shore to Please
    • Conserve Wildlife
4 step 4

Review Specialty Plate Selection

  • Verify specialty plate selection
  • Click "Continue"
5 CC Entry

Billing Information

  • Enter "Bill to" information
  • Enter "Payment" information
  • Enter e-mail address for confirmation message
  • Click "Continue"
5 CC Confirm

Review Total Fees and Billing Information

  • Review your request. Your card will be billed immediately
  • Click "Submit" to complete order
5 step 7

Specialty Plate Receipt

  • Specialty plate purchase summary information
  • Print page for your records