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Welcome to New Jersey Gazette
Issac Collins
Courtesy of Special Collections and University Archives, Rutgers University
Welcome to the New Jersey Gazette, the collaborative newsletter of three state history-related agencies: the New Jersey Historic Trust, New Jersey Historical Commission and Division of Archives and Records Management.

The title of this newsletter comes from our state's first newspaper, which was born in December 1777 to support the patriot cause in the American Revolution. The printer, Isaac Collins of Burlington, used the technology of his day to produce his newspaper - a hand turned press, rag paper, ink, and cast metal type.

Our newsletter makes use of a far different method of publication, one of pixels, bandwidth, and megabytes. Although the technology has changed, we hope we remain true to the spirit of Isaac Collins in our desire to provide useful information of interest to the reader.

The mission of the new Gazette is to inform members of the history community about state government initiatives to ensure that our state’s past will always be a vital part of its future.  The Gazette will be published periodically, delivered to subscribers via email and be available online as an interactive html file or file that may be printed and circulated.

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Please address comments and questions with “gazette” in the subject line and email njht@dca.state.nj.us.

Finally, we want to salute Isaac Collins, who was born on February 16, 1746 -- 240 years ago this month. Happy birthday Isaac!

                        Barbara Irvine, NJ Historic Trust

                        Marc Mappen, NJ Historical Commission

                        Karl Niederer, Division of Archives & Records Management