Learn about Bidding Opportunities

Doing business with government does not have to be a complicated process. New Jersey offers a number of on-line resources to facilitate access to accurate and up-to-date contracting related information and services. Resources include the following:

Bid Opportunity Database

New Jersey now offers a single, centralized source of information for you to access bid opportunity information.  This database allows businesses to obtain bid opportunity information from more than 100 state entities including all units of the executive branch, authorities, commissions, state colleges and universities.
This Business Opportunities Database and related services offers:

  • A searchable list of opportunities by commodity code and by state entity
  • A detailed summary information for each opportunity
  • Contact information and/or link to the website (if applicable) of the originating entity
  • Opt-in E-mail notifications as new opportunities are posted

Bid Opportunity Notification Service

Opt in to receive email notifications about new bid opportunities as they become available for the commodity code(s) specific to your selected interest. This service ensures that the business community receives timely and pertinent information regarding new and/or amended state purchasing opportunities. 

Diversity Registry: Small, Minority & Women Businesses Self-Declaration

To better promote the State’s small, minority and women-owned businesses the Division of Revenue hosts an online directory of small businesses, which includes minority and women-owned businesses. Using this directory, business owners can declare themselves as a small, minority and/or women-owned business to promote their goods and services directly to state purchasing agents and prime contractors who may not be familiar with their company.

Although not an official registration or certificate required for some bid opportunities, buyers from the various state agencies, authorities, commissions, colleges and universities use this directory to find businesses that provide goods and services that meet their procurement needs, as well as for prime contractors to identify potential subcontractors.

Search the Database at https://www1.state.nj.us/TYM_BUISOPP/ent/searchBusinessListing.do

Database Benefits for Small, Minority & Women-Owned Businesses

  • A FREE listing in a searchable, central database
  • Optional email notifications of bid opportunities that match your specific commodity code

Database Benefits for the Buyers & Prime Contractors

Easy access to a pool of potential small, minority and women-owned vendors

  • Searchable by commodity code, and business or contractor’s name
  • Ability to develop a diverse vendor prospect list for both informal and formal bidding opportunities

To access these on-line resources, please follow Instructions below


  1. Go to MyNJ Portal and Log In (Click Here)
  2. If you are not already a member please register by clicking Sign Up to Become a Member.
  3. Once registered and logged in, you will see three Tab's in the upper left-hand corner "myNJ Home", "myNJ Business", "myNewJersey". Click on the "myNJ Business" tab.
  4. For Bid Opportunities Database & Notification Service: Look for the Bid Opportunities section and click on the "View / Set Business Opportunities Notification Preferences" link. Next select the commodity code(s) you would like to receive notifications on. You may reset the commodity codes to expand or reduce the number of notifications you receive.  You may also 'opt out' of this service at any time.

For Diversity Registry: self-declare your business by clicking on the "Self Declare as a Small, Minority, and/or Women Business Enterprise" link in the center of the page under the "Small, Minority, Women Business Enterprises" title.
NOTE:  To help vendors identify the codes for goods and services they provide, use the Department of Treasury Purchase Bureau Commodity Code Directory.