New Jersey is the number two state in the nation for information technology jobs. (Kauffman Foundation and Information Technology & Innovation Foundation, 2010 State New Economy Index)

Information Technology

Ever since the “Wizard of Menlo Park,” prolific inventor Thomas Edison, changed the way the world communicates, New Jersey has been in discovery mode. The past century brought advances in telecommunications from New Jersey companies like AT&T and RCA. Today, New Jersey boasts one of the most concentrated high-tech industry clusters in the U.S. More than 31,000 information and communication technology companies, including 1,000-plus firms that offer data processing, hosting and other gateway services, are part of New Jersey’s fast, competitive and innovative landscape.

  • In 2012, TechLaunch LLC, the State’s first technology accelerator, was created to help would-be technologists and entrepreneurs launch businesses in New Jersey. TechLaunch helps match start-ups with investors, mentors and business executives. A key offering is a 12-week business “LaunchPad” boot camp.
  • The 2012 National Science Foundation’s assessment ranks New Jersey fifth in the U.S. among the top 10 states for high-tech business.
  • Create or expand jobs in New Jersey and receive direct payments through the State’s incentive grants.
  • Take advantage of Sales and Use Tax exemption for the purchase of fixtures, furniture, building materials and equipment needed for business relocation.
  • Support your workers through workforce training grants, which provide skilled training, education and a wide range of support.

New Jersey’s greatest asset is its well-educated workforce. In fact, New Jersey ranks among the top 10 in workforce education and the top five in quality of education. Over 63% of New Jersey’s 313,000 technology employees hold Bachelor’s degrees or higher. Rutgers University’s School of Communication and Information and the New Jersey Institute of Technology are among the State’s educational assets.


New Jersey is fortunate to have strong resources for higher education in technology. Rutgers University’s School of Communication and Information (SC&I) and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) are two that figure prominently in the State’s future as a high-tech powerhouse. SC&I has 1,800 undergraduate and more than 650 graduate and doctoral students. NJIT has come a long way since it created its College of Computing Sciences over a decade ago. Today, its Newark campus features a multi-gigabit network that connects more 6,500 nodes, everywhere from the classroom to the student center.


In an industry where the concept of “fast” is constantly evolving, it helps to be located in a state that has an extensive and highly advanced high-speed fiber optic network. New Jersey is also the number one state for broadband telecommunications. At 48.6% of households, New Jersey leads the country in the level of broadband penetration. Broadband access is considered an indicator for business growth.