Industry Overviews

Industry Overviews

Information Technology

Ever since Thomas Edison, the "Wizard of Menlo Park," changed the way the world communicates, New Jersey has been at the forefront of the information technology industry. The State boasts one of the most concentrated high-tech industry clusters in the U.S. In fact, New Jersey ranks number 2 in the U.S. for Information and Communication Technology (ICT) employees, who work for NJ ICT companies, ranging from start-ups to industry leaders like Verizon New Jersey, Inc., AT&T, Telcordia Technologies, Inc., TelX, DRS Technologies and SRI International (Sarnoff).

New Jersey Advantages

  • Thanks in part to an extensive and highly advanced high-speed fiber optic network, New Jersey is ranked third in broadband communications and second for business R&D investment in the nation.
  • The State's incentive grants, workforce training grants and tax exemptions make it an attractive place to create or retain jobs or relocate a business.
  • A well-educated workforce offers a deep talent pool for high-tech industries; in fact, New Jersey is #1 in tech job growth (Bureau of Labor Statistics, August 2013).
  • Access to higher education in technology includes programs at Rutgers University's School of Communication and Information (SC&I) and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT)
  • Excellent resources for technology growth include TechLaunch LLC,, the technology accelerator linking entrepreneurs with mentors, seed funding, investors and training, and the New Jersey Technology Council

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