The internationally recognized Rutgers Food Innovation Center, located in Bridgeton, New Jersey, offers the State’s food processing and production companies a wide variety of assistance, such as market research, product and process development, and workforce development.


While the landmark bridge touts in neon that “Trenton Makes, the World Takes,” this famous slogan can really speak to the entire State’s manufacturing strength. New Jersey is home to more than 20,000 manufacturers, ranging from delicious gourmet foods to life-saving drugs. In addition to a roster of well-known pharmaceutical companies, the State is home to major operations of such manufacturers as Lockheed Martin, BASF, Honeywell and Unilever—plus makers of popular consumer products like Campbell Soup, Kraft, Mars, Pinnacle Foods and Ferraro Foods.

  • New Jersey’s exports grew 18% to a total of $38.1 billion from 2010 to 2011.
  • The State provides skilled training, education and a wide range of support through workforce training grants.
  • Access the State’s manufacturing-specific tax exemption programs.
  • Save on energy costs with rebates and low-cost financing for renewable energy systems, equipment and technologies.
  • Create or expand jobs in New Jersey and receive direct payments through the State’s incentive grants.
  • Get support to become more efficient and profitable with the help of the New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program, which works with companies on cost-saving strategies and growth initiatives.
  • Take advantage of Sales and Use Tax exemption for the purchase of fixtures, furniture, building materials and equipment needed for business relocation.

Located in the center of the Northeast Corridor and at the gateway for exporting around the world, New Jersey is also within an eight-hour drive to 40% of the U.S. population. The State has an unmatched concentration of consumers, businesses and wealth, creating a tremendous local market for manufactured goods.


The level of education and skill set among New Jersey’s manufacturing workforce is a key advantage, especially for those companies that comprise the State’s advanced manufacturing cluster. This cluster, which employs more than 127,000 workers, includes chemical, pharmaceutical manufacturing, computers and electronics, machinery and transportation equipment. Overall, New Jersey manufacturers provided 247,000 manufacturing jobs at the end of 2011.


If you’re supplying the world, you need ways to transport your products to the consumers who want them. With numerous railheads, a comprehensive highway system, major airports and ports at both ends of the State, including the third busiest port in North America, New Jersey’ well-developed transportation infrastructure gives you proximity to the national market, as well as extensive warehousing and distribution channels to access the world.