Industry Overviews

Industry Overviews


With its location in the center of the highly populated Northeast Corridor and at the gateway for exporting around the world, New Jersey is ideally situated for manufacturing. In fact, 130 million consumers are within a day's drive of New Jersey. New Jersey's excellent transportation infrastructure, combined with extensive warehousing and distribution channels, enhance its manufacturing strength. In addition to a roster of well-known pharmaceutical companies, New Jersey manufacturing companies range from Lockheed Martin, BASF, Honeywell and Unilever to Campbell Soup, Mars, Pinnacle Foods and Ferraro Foods. The advanced manufacturing cluster, which includes chemical, pharmaceutical manufacturing, computers and electronics, machinery and transportation equipment, is growing, thanks to New Jersey's highly skilled workforce.

New Jersey Advantages

  • Obtain skilled training, education and a wide range of support through the State's workforce training grants.
  • Save on energy costs with rebates and low-cost financing for renewable energy systems, equipment and technologies.
  • Incentive grants for creating or retaining jobs and tax exemptions for purchase of materials needed for relocation are available.
  • New Jersey Manufacturing Extension Program (NJMEP) works with companies on cost-saving strategies and growth initiatives.
  • The internationally recognized Rutgers Food Innovation Center offers assistance in food processing and production.

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