Foreign Direct Investment Services

New Jersey has historically been one of the most attractive destinations in the United States for foreign direct investment. With its highly-developed network of roads, rail, air and seaport facilities, New Jersey is the best-connected region in the country for speeding product to market domestically and overseas. Our prime location, adjoining New York City and Philadelphia, allows you to reach more customers in less time, with greater efficiency and ease. New Jersey sits in the center of the East Coast corridor. Over 100 million consumers with a collective purchasing power of $2 trillion are within a 24-hour drive.

The State of New Jersey has a highly qualified team to guide international firms interested in establishing a presence in the State through every stage of the process. More importantly, once a company establishes a presence in the State, we can assist firms with their business development needs to not only remain in the State, but grow their business in New Jersey.

The State of New Jersey also has economic incentives to encourage foreign companies to make an investment and establish a corporate presence in the State. These incentives range from tax grants, low cost bond financing, and workforce development training.

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