Premier Business Services

Premier Business Services (PBS) continues to both expand the array of services offered by this ‘channel of interaction’ between your business and the State, and to make this interaction as user-friendly as possible. We are pleased to announce more streamlined processes for the way that you create your PBS account and authenticate others to act on your behalf.

To access PBS in the past, a user would have to separately create both a myNJportal account and a PBS account. We have combined those two steps. If you have already used PBS, visit the new Home Page and LOG ON to conduct your business. If you need to create one or both of these accounts, visit the new Home Page and press ‘Start’ to create your accounts. The link for the PBS Home page is:

Delegate Authorization
When you delegate a task to an authorized representative, they will no longer have to complete the authentication code process. If you do not know the myNJportal or PBS log-in for your chosen representative, you may invite them to be your representative and request that they provide you with their log-in. Once you obtain the representative’s myNJportal or PBS log-in, you can give them full or limited authority to act on your behalf. Your representative will be notified via email once the delegation is complete.

We Need Your Feedback
In addition to simplifying access and authentication, we have updated the look and feel of the PBS web pages. Please let us know which improvements are important to you and how we can serve you better.