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                         JOINT RESOLUTION No. 1

        A Joint Resolution designating the Square Dance as the
        American Folk Dance of the State of New Jersey.

        WHEREAS, Love of State and professions is enhanced by
        traditions that have cecome a part of our way of live and the
        customs of the American people; and

        WHEREAS, We have distinctive and meaningful symbols of our
        ideals in our State's flag and in many cultural endeavors,
        but no official designation of a State Folk Dance; and

        WHEREAS, The Square Dance, which was first associated with
        the American people and recorded in history since 1651, has
        consistently been the one dance traditionally recognized by
        the American people as a dignified and enjoyable expression
        of American Folk dancing; and

        WHEREAS, Official recognition of the Square Dance will
        enhance the cultural stature of New Jersey both nationally
        and internationally; and

        WHEREAS, National and international prestige is in the best
        interest of al Americans; now, therefore,

        BE IT RESOLVED by the Senate and General Assembly of the
        State of New Jersey:

        1. The dance known as the Square Dance is designated the
           American Folk Dance of the State of New Jersey.

        2. This joint resolution shall take effect immediately.

        Approved January 19, 1983.

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