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                       ASSEMBLY CONCURRENT RESOLUTION No. 2

                               STATE OF NEW JERSEY

                           Introduced January 15, 1951
                                  By Mrs. DWYER

                     Referred to Committee on Ways and Means

     A Concurrent Resolution providing for the adoption of the
     dogwood tree (Cornus Florida) as the New Jersey State
     Memorial Tree.

          WHEREAS, It is the practice of many patriotic and public-
     spirited organizations and the State of New Jersey, and the State
     Highway Department , to plant dogwood trees along the border of New
     Jersey's Memorial Highway known as the "Blue Star Drive" in honor of
     the men and women in our Armed Forces; and

          WHEREAS, It is in the public interested and welfare to foster
     the widespread use of the dogwood as a memorial tree in our parks,
     parkways, monuments, and building sites; therefore,

          BE IT RESOLVED by the House of Assembly of the State of New
     Jersey (the Senate concurring):

          1. That the dogwood tree (Cornus Florida) be and it is hereby
     adopted and designated as the New Jersey State Memorial Tree.

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