Digital (GIS) Spatial Data: Spatial data for use in geographic information systems and desktop mapping software is available here.

Property Search Tool: This tool allows the public to search for a property to determine if it is in the Highlands Act's Preservation or Planning Areas and shows Land Use Capability Zone Map overlay zones.

Atlas: A map of the Highlands Region and a list of each municipality, by county.

Land Use Capability Map Series:

Other Highlands Maps

Chapter I

Highlands Region

Water Supply To Areas Outside The Highlands Region

Federal Highlands Conservation Act Boundary

Source Water Protection Areas And Reservoirs

Lakes, Rivers, And Streams

Forested Areas


Chapter II

Forest Resource Area

Forest Integrity Indicators by HUC14

Highlands Open Waters

Watershed Values by HUC14

Riparian Area

Riparian Integrity by HUC14

Steep Slope Protection Area

Critical Habitat Area

Significant Natural Areas

Certified Vernal Pools

Highlands Open Space

Carbonate Rock Areas

Lake Management Areas

Net Water Availability by HUC14

Prime Ground Water Recharge Areas

Impaired Waters Overall Assessment by HUC14

Wellhead Protection Areas

Median Nitrate Concentrations by HUC14

Agricultural Resource Area

Roadway Network

Transit Network

Population Density (2002)

Impervious Surface

Developed Land Analysis

Land Use Capability Zone Map

Land Use Capability Water Availability Map

Land Use Capability Public Community Water Systems Map

Land Use Capability Domestic Sewerage Facilities Map

Land Use Capability Septic System Yield Map


Chapter III

Highlands Region Topography

Phillipsburg Town 1930

Phillipsburg Town 2002


Chapter V

Conservation Priority Area

Lake Hopatcong 1930

Lake Hopatcong 2002

Agricultural Priority Area

Site Specific Constraints Analysis

Potentially Contaminated Sites: Highlands Tiers 1 Sites

Potentially Contaminated Sites: Highlands Tiers 2 Sites

Redevelopment and Infill Analysis Tool

Potential Areas for Voluntary HDC Receiving Zones


Chapter VI

State Planning Commission Designated Centers

Round Valley 1930

Round Valley 2002

Dover Town 1930

Dover Town 2002



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