Outreach and Special Projects

OHSP's Commitment to Connect to the Private Sector

alternate textFormed in 2012, the goal of the Outreach and Special Projects Bureau is to protect New Jersey citizens by working with communities, the private sector, and federal, state, county and local government agencies to ensure that operational and emergency plans are in place for a variety of hazards. The bureau develops information tailored to the recipients, encourages reciprocation and engages new partners. Its activities include Public and Private Sector Soft Target Outreach. This initiative focuses on targets where large numbers of people gather, such as malls, stadiums and arenas, hotels, casinos, faith-based organizations and military facilities. The bureau also engages with railroads, airports, hospitals and summer camps, as well as the motor coach, trucking, limousine and taxi sectors.

The goal is to develop lines of communication and to present a unified approach to improving security and emergency response throughout New Jersey. Participants receive threat briefings, information about free resources and training opportunities for the private sector and first responders dealing with these soft targets.

Unit activities include:

Faith-based Initiative

OHSP's Interfaith Advisory Council encourages communication and good will between government and faith-based organizations. Executives and staff at OHSP meet regularly with faith-based representatives and also coordinate activities with faith-based institutions that include behavior assessment training, active shooter workshops, protective measures training, teleconferences and security awareness training; as well as coordinating with other OHSP bureaus for site assessments, and grant writing workshops.


The Outreach Bureau works closely with OHSP's Planning and Project Management Bureau and Critical Infrastructure Protection Bureau to ensure a broad range of coordinated services.

Foreign-Language Outreach

Bureau personnel developed OHSP materials in Arabic, Chinese, Hindi, Korean, Portuguese, Punjabi, Spanish and Tagalog. Spanish-speaking employees of malls and hotels received briefings in Spanish on how to recognize and report suspicious activity. Spanish speakers are now able to report suspicious activity to OHSP Counterterrorism Watch by utilizing the Spanish prompts.

Malls/Shopping Centers

OHSP personnel and partners work regularly with mall security directors and law enforcement liaisons and participate in full-scale and tabletop exercises. OHSP has hosted mall security group meetings for the 30 major malls located in New Jersey.


OHSP meets periodically with members of the Sports/Entertainment sector regarding the threat and risk to stadiums and arenas. OHSP conducts regular statewide sports/entertainment security conferences regarding the threat and risk to this sector. Members heard from experts on crowd control, sports security certification, the latest on sports security technology, active shooter and other Homeland Security workshops. This initiative includes universities and colleges with such facilities.


OHSP has worked to enhance security conference for the hospitality industry, in partnership with the New Jersey Hotel and Lodging Association and the New Jersey chapter of the Asian American Hotel Owners Association, along with all levels of law enforcement. OHSP conducted a statewide hotel security conference; as well as active shooter training, security awareness training and how to recognize and report suspicious activity.

Mass Transit

TransitThe bureau has organized conferences focusing on rail security for law enforcement, and bus security for both law enforcement and the private sector. Personnel work with the major rail systems, limousine and taxi companies operating in New Jersey. The Outreach and Special Projects Bureau formed a Motor Coach Working group for the private sector and a Bus Security Group for key law enforcement officers involved in the bus industry and government.


OHSP personnel visit airfields and work with local and county law enforcement to provide information and assistance on security-related matters. The Bureau also facilitated security awareness training for airport personnel.

Military Initiative

OHSP meets with representatives from all of the military establishments in New Jersey quarterly, and visits installations throughout the year to facilitate information sharing. Briefings are presented on current threats and training opportunities. One goal is to ensure a coordinated response from all levels of government in the event of an emergency.

Jails and Prisons

OHSP personnel regularly meet with the New Jersey Department of Corrections, as well as the New Jersey County Wardens Association to enhance information sharing.