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Using the NJHRC
Navigating the HRC 

Welcome to the New Jersey Housing Resource Center (NJHRC)!

The NJHRC is an online, housing information clearinghouse.
It has two major parts.

I. A place to list housing

The NJHRC a FREE online, searchable registry of

  • Affordable Rental Housing (restrictions)
  • Affordable For-sale Housing (must be under $350,000)
  • Housing with Accessibility Features

Here are the benefits of listing properties on the NJHRC:

  1. The NJHRC in a Nutshell:
    • The NJHRC is 100% FREE.
    • Showcase your unit’s unique features: Select from 200 criteria to describe it.
    • Include maps and pictures.
    • Enjoy the traffic derived from a statewide marketing campaign to NJ housing consumers.
  2. The NJHRC provides sophisticated advertising.
    • Market to the precise niche your housing is intended to serve. Market your units directly to those searching for Housing with Disability Features, Affordable Housing, Market Rate Housing, and/or For-sale Housing.
    • Advertise low-income designated units located within market-rate developments.
  3. The NJHRC makes your job easier.
    • Remove the listing after the unit has rented and avoid unwanted phone calls
    • Help satisfy your affirmative marketing obligations
    • Inform prospective tenants of your procedures, rules and requirements before they apply

II. A source of housing-related information

The HRC provides links to housing-related Web sites. You will find sites that

  • Explain subsidy programs;
  • Inform you of your rights and responsibilities as a landlord;
  • Teach you how to screen tenants fairly, write leases that protect you, and perform evictions expeditiously;
  • Stay current with your code and compliance obligations;
  • Download frequently used forms;
  • And much, much more!