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Local, state and federal governments and the Multi-State Information Sharing Analysis Center (MS-ISAC) are collaborating and sharing information to strengthen their cyber-security capability by providing strategies, guidelines and policies for the public and private sector use.

Cyber Security Tip Sheets (from Stay Safe Online)

The follow cyber security tip sheets provided by the NCSA below inform local government and organizations how to stay safe when surfing on the Interent . Please print and distribute these tip sheets within your local government /organizations.

Local Governments  Law Enforcement 
Businesses  Educators 
Libraries  College Administrators 
Community Based Organizations  Faith Based Organizations 

MS-ISAC Cyber Security Guides

The cyber security guides provided by the MS-ISAC are developed for public and private businesses/organizations to further their cyber
security awareness education. Please print and distribute these within
your local government/organization.

Disclaimer:  The MS-ISAC toolkit material has been developed and distributed for educational and non-commercial purposes only.  Copies and reproductions of this content, in whole or in part, may only be distributed, reproduced or transmitted for educational and non-commercial purposes.  Copyright language and distribution restrictions must be included on all reproductions whether electronic or hard copy.  For questions, please contact the MS-ISAC at info@msisac.org.