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May 24, 2010

NJ Alert and Hurricane Preparedness

The New Jersey Office of Emergency Management, encourages New Jersey residents and visitors to consider NJ Alert, while preparing for the 2010 Hurricane Season.

NJ Alert is a free, voluntary and confidential emergency alerting system that allows State Emergency Management officials to send E-mail or text messages to cell phones, and other email enabled devices during an emergency event.  The public can sign up for NJ Alert by logging on to: www.njalert.gov or by visiting the NJOEM website at www.ready.nj.gov and clicking on the NJ Alert icon.

“During an emergency such as a hurricane, nor’easter or sever tropical storm, timely dissemination of accurate information is the cornerstone of public safety.  NJ Alert enables us to deliver emergency messages to the public through the convenience of their handheld devices or PCs in addition to our traditional emergency notification systems such as the Emergency Alert System and Amber Alert,” said Colonel Rick Fuentes Superintendent of the New Jersey State Police and Director of the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management.

“NJ Alert will help direct public action in the event of a large scale emergency whether we are dealing with a hurricane or act of terrorism.  Our goal is to utilize latest technology to protect lives and property,” added Fuentes.

Additionally, NJ Alert can receive homeland security and crime related tips and leads via the www.njalert.gov  site. 

Another unique feature is NJ Alert’s social networking capability which allows users to create groups and communicate internally. This feature provides the opportunity for the public to volunteer their special skills and services such as speaking a foreign language or possessing an EMT certification.  These personal emergency management skills or “Human Emergency Grid” as it’s titled on NJ Alert will be housed in a secure database and potentially visited to assist responders, if needed, in the event of an emergency.

“The system was uniquely designed as a group communication service for government, schools, corporations and even personal use. The service is not limited to public security information, but is a one stop shop for any notification needs”, said NJ Alert creator Robert Statica PhD, President & CEO of United Alert, LLC, a developer of mass alert technologies (Florham Park,

With summer right around the corner; residents and visitors who travel to the Jersey Shore could benefit immensely from NJ Alert in the event of a hurricane, nor’easter or severe tropical storm by taking a few minutes and simply signing up at www.njalert.gov.



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