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Terrorism: Additional Positive Steps You Can Take

(Most of the information on this page is adapted from the American Red Cross document, “Terrorism: Preparing for the Unexpected”)

Staying Tuned:

Raw, unedited footage of terrorism events and peoples’ reactions to those events can be very upsetting, especially to children.

Please keep this in mind when considering whether your children should watch television news reports, especially if the news reports show images over and over again about the same incident. Young children do not realize it is repeated footage, and may think the event is happening again and again.

Adults may also need to give themselves a break from watching disturbing footage.

However, listening to local radio and television reports will provide you with the most accurate information from responsible governmental authorities on what is happening and what actions you should take. A battery-powered radio is a vital part of your Emergency Kit.

You may therefore want to make arrangements to take turns listening to the news with other adult members of your household.

First Aid and CERT Training:

Another very useful preparation comes fromlearning basic first aid, or from CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) or Citizen Corps training.

CERT training is directed by the New Jersey Office of Emergency Management, and includes 20 hours of instruction over an eight-week period. Training is available to everyone, regardless of their age or level of physical ability.

CERT members are ordinary New Jersey residents who provide critical support to first responders and to their fellow residents during emergencies. Undergoing CERT training is a great way to feel empowered in the event of virtually any emergency. The CERT course includes:

  • Basic disaster preparedness
  • Disaster fire suppression
  • Disaster medical operations, including patient assessment, triage and treatment strategies for various conditions and injuries
  • Light search and rescue operations
  • Disaster psychology
  • An overview of terrorism
  • A disaster simulation exercise appropriate to your community.

To learn more about CERT or Citizen Corps follow or call (609) 538-6060.

Decontamination and Other Instructions:

People who may have come in contact with a biological or chemical agent may need to go through a decontamination procedure.

Listen to the advice of local officials on the radio or television to determine what steps you will need to take to protect yourself and your family.

As emergency services will likely be overwhelmed, only call 9-1-1 about life-saving emergencies.

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