Mark Anderson, Director, Medicaid Fraud Division
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The New Jersey “Medicaid Program Integrity and Protection Act.”
  • Medicaid Program Integrity and Protection Act - HTML / Microsoft Word [DOC 35K]
  • See also, 26:2H-18.60d authorizing the Office of the Medicaid Inspector General, now the Medicaid Fraud Division of the Office of the State Comptroller, to investigate Charity Care claims.
Medicaid Regulations

The New Jersey Medicaid regulations, N.J.A.C., Title 10, Chapters 49-79, are hosted by the LexisNexis free public access site for the N.J.A.C.  The New Jersey Administrative Code database is updated quarterly. To access these regulations, click on the link below (a new window will open).  Please note that pop-ups must be enabled to view the manuals.

After agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, click on the N.J.A.C. folder on the left, then click Title 10.

From here you can select the chapter, subchapter and section of the rule that you would like to view.

Federal Medicaid Regulations can be found at: Medicaid Regulations