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  Special Investigations Unit

Special Investigations Unit

The Special Investigation Unit (SIU) is responsible for the enforcement of all New Jersey Criminal Statues as they pertain to the casino industry. SIU is made up of two squads, the Special Investigations Squad and the Intelligence Management Squad.

Investigations undertaken by the Special Investigations Squad include armed robberies, organized crime, major thefts, frauds, counterfeiting, loan sharking, casino related cheating scams, weapon offenses, narcotics, prostitution and violations of the Casino Control Act.

Most of the Squad’s investigation are long term and complex.

The Squad routinely works with other local, federal and international law enforcement agencies such as; United State Secret Service, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Joint Terrorism Task Force, Internal Revenue Service, Drug Enforcement Administration, U. S. Marshal’’s Service, Ontario Provincial Police, Nevada Gaming Board, Las Vegas Metro Police, New York City Police, Connecticut State Police, and Atlantic City Police on some of the squad’s larger criminal investigations. Members have also formed partnerships with Atlantic County Prosecutor Office.

Special Investigations Squad conducts both re-active and pro-active criminal Investigations. Squad members also act in limited undercover capacities. The squad develops the majority of their investigations through the utilization of informants and contacts developed within the casino industry.

Over the years the squad has been very successful with infiltrating and dismantling organized criminal groups involved with racketeering, loan sharking activities, major counterfeiting operations, casino cheating groups, nationwide frauds and large scale prostitution networks.

The Intelligence Management Squad (IMS) is responsible for the enforcement of all New Jersey Criminal Statues and the provisions of the Casino Control Act as they pertain to the Casino Industry with Atlantic City, NJ. The Squad consists of sworn law enforcement members and civilian staff. The primary function of the sworn member’s is intelligence gathering and enforcement. The civilian support staff is utilized for crime trend analysis and record management duties.

The Squad is responsible for the oversight and implementation of the regional intelligence collection plan in accordance with the Division of State Police’s planning and strategy policies. Intelligence data is collected, evaluated, coordinated and disseminated to the appropriate State Police and local agencies as it affects the casino gaming industry. The Squad conducts investigations of individuals and groups engaged in criminal enterprises, both traditional and non-traditional, that effect the casino gaming industry. Assistance is provided to law enforcement agencies that are engaged in similar investigations relevant to the Atlantic City casino gaming industry. The Squad strives to forge community and corporate partnerships with the purpose of preventing and disrupting organized crime activities as they relate to the casino gaming industry. Intelligence Management Squad members work in tandem with local, state and federal agencies to advance safeguards against all crimes and hazards which may effect the Atlantic City gaming industry.

The primary function of the squad is to develop intelligence concerning organized criminal activity, gang, vice, and/or serial crime events, narcotic organizations, casino cheating and terrorism. The efforts are accomplished through but not limited to:

Source Development: Contacts are made to those persons to whom the unit determines could provide essential information to complete the unit's mission. This provides those persons an avenue to assist in the betterment of society through personal knowledge of events and circumstances to which they have been exposed.

Deterrence Investigation Collaboration Enforcement (DICE) a raw data collection system conducted via the casino security, surveillance and casino cages Information is collected, vetted and developed and the data is developed into intelligence, to try and establish crime trends and patterns. This system is being expanded to industries and business's that are affected by crime in and around the casino district to too further its use and capabilities.

Field Intelligence Officer Training (FIO): IMS has implemented a program that includes individuals assigned to each squad of the Casino Investigation Unit (CIU), Special Investigations Unit (SIU) and Financial Crimes Unit (FIU). These FIO’s are the conduit for the development and dissemination of intelligence information based on the Division of State Police’s Intelligence- led Policing paradigm. IMS has included the Division of Gaming Enforcement into this program and a contact person for each of the regulatory licensing units has been established.

Casino Contacts: Members develop working relationships with all levels of the casino industry and the enforcement elements both within Atlantic City and nationwide.

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