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blue ribbon panel on development of wind turbine facilities in coastal waters

Governor Jon S. Corzine

Executive Order #12 (Codey)
23 December 2004

"...The Blue Ribbon Panel is charged with identifying and weighing the costs and benefits of developing offshore wind turbine facilities, and considering both economic and environmental costs and benefits. The Blue Ribbon Panel shall also consider the need for offshore wind turbines and a comparison to other electric power sources, including fossil, nuclear and renewable fuels as part of the State's long-term electricity needs..."

Final Report Downloads

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Final Report pdf 1.7 Mb

Dear Reader:

On behalf of the Blue Ribbon Panel on Development of Wind Turbine Facilities in Coastal Waters, I am pleased to present the enclosed report as required by Executive Order 12 (Codey). Pursuant to the Order, this report contains policy recommendations regarding the appropriateness of developing offshore wind turbine facilities for New Jersey's coastal waters.

During the process leading to submission of this report, the Blue Ribbon Panel received testimony at six public hearings, including at least one in each of New Jersey's four oceanfront counties. We also received numerous documents by mail and through this Web site. Members of this Panel, as well as staff from the three agencies assisting us, each brought a particular and invaluable expertise to bear as we investigated the issues addressed in this report. Through this process, ours became the first state to conduct a fully transparent investigation of the costs and benefits of developing offshore wind turbine facilities.

New Jersey faces a serious and growing energy crisis. The rapidly rising cost of electricity threatens economic growth and the quality of life in this state. Because no single source of renewable power can solve our energy crisis, we believe New Jersey must assume a leadership role in addressing these issues and aggressively tackle this problem on multiple fronts.

While this Panel has found there is a lack of comprehensive information on potential impacts of offshore wind turbine development, these facilities show promise as part of New Jersey's long-term energy solution. Therefore, it is the recommendation of this panel that New Jersey proceed with a limited test project only, not to exceed 350 megawatts, to obtain practical knowledge of benefits and impacts resulting from offshore wind turbine facilities. These efforts must be preceded by scientific baseline studies that collect basic data about the existence, location and nature of New Jersey's offshore natural resources, in addition to information regarding potential economic impacts of offshore wind.

Very truly yours,
Edward J. McKenna, Jr., Chair

November Interim Report Downloads

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Full Report pdf 4.2 Mb
or download the report in smaller parts:
Part 1 - Executive Summary pdf 1.4 Mb
Part 2 - Appendix A pdf 1.7 Mb
Part 3 - Appendices B-E and References pdf 1.1 Mb


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