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  Don't Drink and Drive!
Learn about DUI and the penalties
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Report Illegal
to ABC's Investigative Unit
at: 866-713-8392

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ABC Online Licensing System - POSSE
ABC News
  arrow 11/2 - Division of Alcoholic Beverage Control’s 2016 “Cops in Shops” Summer Shore Initiative Results in 229 Arrests
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ABC Notices and Updates
  12:18 and 12:39 Procedures for Licensees to Petition the Director to Allow Renewal of a License
  Order Permitting Extension of Filing Deadline of the April 2017 Current Price List Until Friday, March 17, 2017
  Blanket Employment Permits/Minor Employment Permits
  Accepting COPS IN SHOPS College Fall 2016-17 applications now through November 21, 2016.
(Please NOTE the new application process and forms)
  Reminder to Current Transit Insignia Permittees
  Retailer Bill and Hold Certifications Extension
  Division announces revised procedure for issuing temporary permits for Winery Outlet/Salesroom (6-22-2016)
  Order Permitting Extension of June and December CPL Lists
  Special Rulling Extending Authorization for Issuance of Temporary Festival Event Permits
  Wholesaler Bill and Hold Quarterly Report Due July 15, 2016
  Notice for Current Permittees on Renewal Notifications for 2016-2017
  Procedures for Issuance of Ad Interim Permits 2016
- Petition for Temporary Permit to Operate Pending Action
  The Division is accepting “Cops in Summer Shore 2016” applications from now until May 23, 2016. Please NOTE the new application process and forms
  Gin Mill Tavern, Inc., v. Kearny, sets forth presumption that town objects to licensee’s petition to the Director for a compromise offer in lieu of suspension absent a written statement to the contrary. In the absence of such a statement, the burden shall be on the licensee to demonstrate good cause.
  Announcement: Order Permitting Extension of December 2015 Current Price List Through Monday January 4, 2016
  Notice to all licensees with associated permits that have been extended to expire on February 1, 2016.
  ATTENTION all Brand Registrants renewing for 2016
  NJ ABC POSSE Announcement to all Licensees, Permittees, and Public Users regarding new online licensing system capabilities
  Instructions and Retail Licensee Certification for Bill and Hold Arrangements
- View Instructions
- Download Certification (fillable pdf)
  Permit expiration dates extended beyond September 18, 2015. Click Here for Special Ruling.
  ABC Announces addition of E-Check for online payments
  Permit expiration dates to be further extended beyond September 18, 2015.  Keep checking the webpage for details
  6/30/15 - Second Amended Order Authorizing Extension of 2014-2015 Licenses
  Alcoholic Beverage Control Bulletin 2486
  6/26/15 - First Amended Order Authorizing Extension of 2014-2015 Licenses
  Special Ruling on Certain Wholesaler Practices
  Order Authorizing Extension of 2014-2015 Licenses
  Notice to New Jersey Licensed Wholesalers Concerning Current Price List (CPL) Filing
More here...
  NJ ABC Advisory Opinion on Solicitor Compensation
View complete document here
  Effective August 22, 2014: First Amended Special Ruling Authorizing the Temporary Issuance of Certain Festival Event Permits - More here...
  ABC Director issued Special Ruling Authorizing the Temporary Issuance of Certain Festival Event Permits
View complete ruling here
  Notice to The Industry: Regarding Pairing Dinners
  ABC announces the availability of the following reports via our web page: Co-Ops, Licensee List, and Registered Agent monthly lists.
  Craft Distillery License Application and Instructions (Effective December 1, 2013)
  Notice to all New Jersey Licensed Wholesalers Concerning CPL Filings
- Request to File Late Current Price Listing
- Request to Amend Current Price Listing
  Notice to All Clerks of Municipal Issuing Authorities Concerning Late Renewals of Liquor Licenses
  Notice to All Clerks of Municipal Issuing Authorities Concerning Events Requiring Social Affairs Permits
  Updated Permits as of January, 2013
- Application for Catering Permit
- Application for Social Affair Permits
- Petition to Extend Licensed Premises
  NOTICE TO THE INDUSTRY: An amendment to N.J.S.A. 33:1-26 permits certain individuals convicted of crimes of moral turpitude to be employed on a licensed premises without the need to obtain a rehabilitation permit - New E-141-A Fillable Form
  List of Out-of-State Winery Licenses Issued
  Out-of-State Winery Application & Instructions
  New Alcohol Management Plan for Winery Salesrooms/Outlets (Effective April 1, 2013)
  Notice to Retailers and Wholesalers
A reminder to the regulated community concerning NJABC administrative regulations governing the return of alcoholic beverages to a wholesaler from a retailer.
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