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New Jersey Cares About Bullying

“New Jersey Cares About Bullying” is a statewide campaign designed to increase public and professional understanding about the general problem of bullying among young people. New Jersey is a national leader on the issue of bullying. Ours is the second state in the nation to design a statewide anti-bullying campaign.

This campaign approaches the problem of bullying from a broad perspective with three fundamental principles:

  • First, we believe that bullying is a common - perhaps the most common - form of violent behavior. It is at the root of many other violent behaviors deriving from a power imbalance between victim and perpetrator(s). Some behaviors are themselves criminal while others may be precursors to criminal behavior: gang behavior, bias crime, intimate partner violence, sexual harassment, child abuse,
    and workplace bullying.
  • Second, we are concerned about both victims and perpetrators. Concern for victims is our top priority, but not to the exclusion of perpetrators. In fact, research shows that many children start out as targets of bullying but learn to behave as bullies in self-defense. Victims suffer from terrible pain - both physical and emotional, both short and long term. Depression, anxiety, and suicide are frequently linked to bullying. Perpetrators may face school expulsion, criminal
    records, loss of income, and possibly jail terms.
  • Third, we believe that preventing bullying behavior among youth requires a collaborative effort among all who care about young people.This includes parents, educators, law enforcement, legislators, government officials, mental and public health professionals, court personnel, recreation and after-school staff, and others in community organizations. Building collaborative projects,
    task forces, organizations, etc. is a major step toward reducing bullying.
    Campaign Goals
      1. To assist school districts in complying with the new anti-bullying legislation.

    2. To educate the public about the relationship between bullying, bias-based bullying and bias crime.

    3. To increase the reporting of bias incidents occurring in schools.

    4. To provide training that enables educators and others involved with youth to establish comprehensive, effective anti-bullying programs in schools and communities.
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