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  The Technical Services Bureau (TSB) assures the integrity of electronic gaming equipment, including all slot machine operations within the State of New Jersey. TSB is responsible for the enforcement of all laws and regulations governing electronic gaming equipment according to the Casino Control Act and the rules and regulations promulgated thereunder. The responsibilities of TSB include, but are not limited to: testing and evaluating electronic gaming equipment, testing and evaluating manufacturer prototype equipment, analyzing and verifying slot machine jackpot payouts to casino patrons, verifying operational integrity, inspecting casinos, and assuring the security and proper accounting of slot machines and electronic equipment within the jurisdiction of the State of New Jersey.  
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  A slot machine manufacturing company must submit for review anything that may appear on the casino floor. The work of TSB's engineers and statisticians focuses on: 1. testing the game itself to make sure that it operates correctly according to the manufacturers' design and according to New Jersey statutes and regulations, 2. testing the game to make sure its integrity and security cannot be compromised whether an attempt is made from the inside of the game or from the outside, and 3. evaluating whether a game is fair to the patron. Engineers and statisticians analyze all new games and new personalities for games; peripheral components such as bill validators, coin acceptors, coin hoppers, and progressive game components; electronic funds transfer systems; card shuffling devices; table game progressive systems and more.

The staff uses sophisticated mathematics and computer equipment to determine if a game operates fairly and correctly. For example, one of the aspects the statistician will check is the payout. Statisticians conduct an analysis to determine if a machine is paying out the statutory minimum of 83 percent. This does not mean that if you put in $100, you will get $83 back. It means that a machine pays out 83 percent of what was wagered over the cycle of the game. Another important component to fairness is assuring that the odds of achieving a win are within regulation. There are many combinations that equal a win on a slot machine, and TSB must assure that what determines whether a machine "hits" or doesn't hit, is controlled by the outcome of a random event - the combination chosen by a random number generator. We want to assure casino patrons that any wager they are making is on a game that is operated legitimately and correctly. If the situation is found to be otherwise, an investigation is conducted and can result in a regulatory prosecution and sometimes criminal prosecution.

Once a game has received final approval from the CCC for play in New Jersey, TSB must assure that they continue to operate as approved, according to state law. TSB relies on many safeguards placed in slot machines and meticulously updated log books to tell them if there has been any tampering with a machine. Gaming equipment specialists investigate the authenticity of jackpots, check machines for signs of tampering, make sure that the equipment controlling the operation of the machine is that which was approved in the lab, monitor which programs are operating in which games, monitor the progressive parameters, inspect any modifications to the slot machines, and secure the controls of all new games being placed on the floor. The gaming equipment specialists also maintain a database of all slot machines legally in the state.

The Technical Services Bureau is located in the Division's Atlantic City office. Manufacturers with questions can call (609) 441-7542.

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