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It is with profound sadness that the Public Employment Relations Commission mourns the passing of its General Counsel, Martin R. Pachman. “Marty,” as he was known to everyone, died on March 10, 2015 after a long illness. He was 70. Services and interment occurred March 12 in Freehold.

Marty’s 45-year career as a labor relations attorney started and ended with positions on the staff of public sector labor relations agencies. Following law school graduation, he served as Assistant General Counsel to the New York Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) and then as a Hearing Officer and Mediator with the Commission. From 1972 until his return to the Commission in 2011 as General Counsel, Marty was in private practice. He primarily represented public sector management including numerous school districts and both small and large municipalities, among them, the City of Jersey City. Marty was a skilled and persuasive advocate both at the bargaining table and in court. He was highly regarded and respected by representatives of management and labor as well as neutrals and was an effective and entertaining public speaker at seminars and conferences.

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Scope of Negotiations Pilot Program for Interest Arbitration

The Public Employment Relations Commission is introducing a pilot program where in limited cases, the Commission will issue expedited scope of negotiations determinations on issues that are actively in dispute in interest arbitration proceedings subject to the 45 day processing timelines pursuant to P.L. 2010 c. 2. Please see the Pilot Program Notice which explains eligibility and procedure requirements including modified timelines. We hope this new program will accelerate the processing of petitions for the parties and the arbitrators.

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Pilot Program Notice

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Petition to Initiate Compulsory Interest Arbitration (12/1/2012)

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Petition for Scope of Negotiations Determination (12/1/2012)

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Public Sector Contract Filings

N.J.S.A. 34:13A-8.2 requires all public employers to “file with the Commission a copy of any contracts it has negotiated with public employee representatives following consummation of negotiations.”

All Employers are required to file with PERC:

Electronic signed and dated copy of contract,
Signed and dated certification
Appropriate signed and dated summary form:

Detailed instructions are found in the Notice to Public Employers.

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New Unfair Practice Charge Form:

PERC has modified the Unfair Practice Charge Form, and asks parties to utilize the new form immediately. The changes to the form include hyperlinks, space for a second respondent, and details about the status of negotiations, if any.  Additionally, the form seeks more specific information about matters at PERC or other forums that are based upon the same facts alleged in the charge. We hope the new form will expedite processing of charges.
Thank you for your cooperation

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New Director Appointments:

Appointment of Daisy Barreto to the position of Director of Conciliation and Arbitration

The New Jersey Public Employment Relations Commission announces, effective immediately, the appointment of Daisy Barreto to the position of Director of Conciliation and Arbitration. Daisy has been an attorney in New Jersey for approximately 30 years. She currently works for the Public Employment Relations Commission as a hearing examiner, hearing and issuing decisions on labor relations matters. She has successfully settled matters at the pre-hearing stage, and also settled many charges during conferences. Ms. Barreto has appeared before mediators and arbitrators, and settled matters litigated in court. As Director of Cooperative Labor Relations for the Department of Children and Families, she handled mediations and arbitrations, and negotiated settlements of disciplinary and grievance matters. She was also an Assistant Section Chief in the Division of Law for the Department of Law and Public Safety, served as Bureau Chief in the Department of Personnel, and also worked with Hispanic organizations dealing with labor matters for the Department of Community Affairs. In addition to a bachelor’s degree, Daisy has a master’s degree in counseling and obtained her law degree in 1984. She can be reached at 609.292.9898.

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The Public Employment Relations Commission deals with certain labor relations issues involving public employers, public employees, and unions that represent public employees. Such issues include representation matters, the scope of negotiations, unfair practices, mediation, fact-finding and arbitration. More detailed information is available throughout this website, including the Reference Section, which has an explanatory brochure, the law and rules that govern PERC, as well as agency forms and a list of some other federal and State agencies that deal with workplace issues.

See the link on the Reference Page for information on agencies with jurisdiction over other workplace issues.

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Covered Employers:

PERC has jurisdiction over the following types of public employers:

  • The State of New Jersey
  • counties
  • municipalities
  • local public school districts and charter schools
  • public colleges and universities
  • autonomous agencies, authorities, boards and commissions, including New Jersey Transit bus and light rail operations

PERC does not have jurisdiction over the following public employers. You may wish to contact them for further information:

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Commissioners and Staff

The Commission consists of seven members appointed by the Governor, with the advice and consent of the Senate. Of such members, two represent public employers, two represent public employee organizations, and three represent the public including the appointee designated as Chairman.

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Contacting NJ PERC:

Address, telephone, e-mail and fax information is listed here. Detailed directions to our offices are also included.

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See the Notices page for:

  • What’s New
  • Meeting Notices
  • Important dates and time periods
  • Rule Proposals
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Part of what can be found on the Reference page includes:

  • Agency Brochure.
  • PERC forms.
  • Annual Reports.
  • PERC Statute (N.J.S.A.)
  • PERC Rules (N.J.A.C.)
  • Synopses of Recent Commission Decisions.
  • Interest Arbitration Awards.
  • Public Sector Contracts.
  • PERC and other Agency Decisions
  • Links to Other Agencies
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