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New Jersey Network Pinelands Videos

The following videotapes are available for viewing at the Pinelands Commission office; please e-mail: to arrange a viewing opportunity or call (609) 894-7300 ext. 125.      

Pine Barrens Journey
Catalog Number: PBJQ-0001S
Subject: New Jersey History; Culture; Ecology
Target Audience: Middle School to Adult
Produced: 1996
Running Time: 56 minutes

Take a trip to New Jersey's Pine Barrens to examine the rich culture and colorful heritage of this secluded region. The "Pine Barrens" of New Jersey, so named because of the sandy soil and dominant vegetation, has a long and bold history full of everything form ghost towns to demons. But the Pine Barrens is also a popular recreation destination for bikers, campers, hikers and nature lovers from around the state and country. Pine Barrens Journey takes a look at all of these facets while showing you the sites, sounds and seasons of this vast wilderness right in the heart of New Jersey.

My Pine Barrens Land
Catalog Number: NPBQ-0001T
Subject: NJ Pinelands Ecology
Target Audience: Middle School to Adult
Produced: 1988
Running Time: 30 minutes

For many outsiders, the Pine Barrens of New Jersey are a vast, sandy wasteland. But tucked away in the sprawling metropolis of the eastern seaboard, the Pine Barrens have an environment all their own. This film examines that environment through the eyes of those whose lives are intrinsically wound up in the land and explores the wide variety of plants, animals, waters and people making up this protected region.

Down Jersey
Catalog Number: SDJQ-0001T
Subject: New Jersey History; Culture
Target Audience: Middle School to Adult
Produced: 1997
Running Time: 28 minutes

"Down Jersey," the local name for Salem, Cumberland and western Cape May counties, shelters a region of unique communities that maintain a direct link to their past and nurture the natural environment around them. This video explores the environment, history, and culture of this distinct region of southern New Jersey. Profiling individuals whose lives reflect the region, the program examines how residents of "Down Jersey" have managed to keep their traditional work, their cultural heritage, and their environmental resources intact after so many years.

Sand in our Shoes
Catalog Number: ASSQ-0001T
Subject: New Jersey Pinelands; New Jersey Culture
Target Audience: Grade 4 to Adult
Produced: 1972
Running Time: Approx. 30 min.

The people who live in the Pine Barrens of New Jersey are a unique breed of individual. This documentary is one of NJN's first documentaries on the Pines and is the only one to look exclusively at the philosophy and lifestyle of those people who get the "sand of the Pines" in their shoes and can't leave it behind.

Sled Dogs of the Pines
Catalog Number: NNJO-0207
Subject: Sled Dog Racing inNew Jersey
Target Audience: Grade 4 to Adult
Produced: 1992
Running Time: 27 min.

New Jersey's Pinelands are home to a very unusual sport -- sled dog racing. This documentary explores the many facets of sled dog racing and follows one New Jersey racing team, Ed and C.J. Magee, through the 1991-1992 season as they train and compete in New Jersey and New England competitions.

Journey to Survival
Catalog Number: ATNJ-0106T
Subject: Survival Techniques; Environmentalism
Target Audience: High School to Adult
Produced: 1988
Running Time: 28 minutes

"We have become a society that kills its grandchildren to feed its children." This is just one of the many philosophies proffered by survival expert and environmentalist Tom Brown in this documentary on survival techniques. Filmed in the New Jersey Pine Barrens during one of Brown's survival courses, this program follows various forms of survival training and looks at the Native American philosophy behind Brown's teaching.

New Jersey Pinelands
Catalog Number: NPNQ-0001T
Subject: Pine Barrens Ecology and History
Target Audience: Middle School to Adult
Produced: 1984
Running Time: 30 minutes

This documentary examines the harsh environment and colorful history of the New Jersey's Pinelands, a region named by the United Nations as an international biosphere reserve. Using still photographs, the program discusses the flora and fauna of the region and how they have adapted to the adverse conditions of the Pinelands. The program also looks at the settlers and resettlers who decided to make their living amid the ever encroaching wilderness.

The Glassmakers
Catalog Number: AGMQ-0001T
Subject: Glassmaking; New Jersey History
Target Audience: Middle School to Adult
Produced: 1990
Running Time: 28 minutes

American glassmaking and glassblowing are art forms that are deeply rooted in the history of southern New Jersey. From the first successful glass factory in Salem County, in 1735, to this day, glassmakers have passed down their traditions and techniques of turning simple grains of sand into beautiful works of art. This documentary looks at the history of the glassmaking industry in New Jersey, tracing the needs and uses of the varieties of glass from the colonial period of artisans, through the industrial revolution, to the renaissance artisan period of today. At the same time, the program conveys the passion that keeps glassmakers diligently pursuing their art despite the mass production that constantly threatens to render them obsolete.

Ghosts of the Pines
Catalog Number: AGPQ-0001T
Subject: New Jersey History; Pineland Culture
Target Audience: Middle School to Adult
Produced: 1974
Running Time: 30 minutes

Ghost towns are often associated with the rugged image of the Old West. But the Pine Barrens in New Jersey, by some estimates, have more ghost towns than all of the western states combined. This film takes a look at several of the many ghost towns in the Pine Barrens and examines the unusual industries which founded them as well as the often peculiar histories which tell of their demise.

Mother Leeds' 13th Child
Catalog Number: AMLQ-0001T
Subject: New Jersey Folklore; The Jersey Devil
Target Audience: Middle School to Adult
Produced: 1974
Running Time: 29 minutes

This documentary examines the history and the folklore of a unique New Jersey legend. Occupying a special place in New Jersey as the state's official demon, the history of the Jersey Devil stretches back to colonial times, perhaps further. In addition to reviewing many of the historic sightings, this program also interviews many modern New Jersey residents who claim to have had experiences with this mysterious legend of the Pine Barrens.

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