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Pinelands Commission offices are located in a mid 1800's structure known as Fenwick Manor. This building, a carriage house, outhouse, and barn are the remnants of a farm, previously occupied by families who contributed to the blueberry, cranberry and iron industries in the Pinelands. These buildings and the history exemplify the cultural resources of the Pinelands. Broadly defined, cultural resources are parts of the natural or built landscape that have cultural value to a specific group. Cultural resource surveys required when certain development is proposed record and protect the history of cultural groups through research on historic buildings, prehistoric (Native American) and historic archaeological sites, and significant landscapes. The Pinelands Comprehensive Management Plan and the Pinelands Cultural Resource Management plan provide guidance on the identification, analysis and treatment of cultural resources in the Pinelands.

The Pinelands Commission requirements generally mirror federal and state laws, which govern the identification, management, and preservation of these resources. The Commission consults with the New Jersey State Historic Preservation Office with respect to cultural resources within the Pinelands of state and national significance.  Additionally, the Commission works closely with the  local preservation groups, and municipalities to identify local resources and facilitate local control over their preservation. Ongoing research initiatives include prehistoric predictive modeling, digitization of cultural resource inventory data, and facilitation of regional research through cataloging of cultural resource surveys.

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