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Featured Recipe > White Clam Sauce > Lemon Pepper Pasta with Grilled Vegetables & White Clam Sauce

Ingredients: (yields 4-6 portions)

1 lb. Pasta (cooked)
1 small Zucchini (sliced 1/4" length wise)
1 small Squash (sliced 1/4" length wise)
1 small Red Pepper (quartered)
1 medium Carrot (sliced long or on bias)
1 Leek (cleaned)
3/4 cup Olive Oil
1 tablespoon Soy Sauce
1 teaspoon Worcestershire Sauce
24-36 Fresh Cherrystone Clams
1 medium Onion (chopped)
2 tablespoons Garlic (chopped)

2 tablespoons Parsley (chopped)
2 tablespoons Basil (chopped)
1 teaspoon Thyme (Chopped)
1/4 teaspoon Crushed Red Pepper
1 quart Water
1 Bay Leaf
1 teaspoon Lemon
2-3 ounces Renault Chablis
2 ounces Butter (optional)
1/4 teaspoon Old Bay Seasoning
Salt / Pepper to taste
Cornstarch to thicken


Method of Preparation:
(For the clams) Boil water in stock pot with bay leaf. Scrub clams well, place in water, cook until open. (Do not over cook) Remove from water, cool, shuck (save liquid). Hand chop clams and place in bowl. Let clam stock settle and skim off 1 pint. (bottom may be sandy) (For the vegetables) Marinade -3 oz. olive oil, soy sauce, Worcestershire, Old Bay Seasoning, and pepper. In bowl, toss marinade and vegetables. Cut into strips and place in bowl. (For the clam sauce) Place remaining olive oil in sauce pot on med, heat. Add garlic, crushed red pepper, and onions. Cook briefly. Add half of the parsley, basil and thyme. Cook briefly. Deglaze with wine and lemon juice. Reduce for 2 minutes. Add clam juice and bring to a boil. Thicken with cornstarch and cook for 5 minutes. Add vegetables and herbs, adjust seasoning. Toss with pasta and serve.



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