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2015 Rate Change

ANY APPLICATION RECEIVED AFTER JANUARY 1, 2015 IS SUBJECT TO THE NEW CONNECTION FEE RATE OF $2.88 / GALLON PER DAY (GPD). Any application in the system which has not paid on the invoice due date will be adjusted to the 2015 rate as well, unless payment or prior agreement is in place with PVSC Legal.

The Purpose of the Sewer Connection Fee

Since the ratepayers and municipalities have invested large sums of money to construct the PVSC treatment works, it is necessary that new projects seeking to expand the service base pay a proportionate share of this investment in the form of a Connection Fee. Connection fees are a one-time fee for the ability to send waste water to the PVSC treatment works.

A Sewer Connection Fee Is Due To PVSC When

  • Any new physical connection to a municipal sewer is going to be made.
  • There is a proposed change in the use or operation from an existing connection, even though a new connection is not made. (PVSC R&R 602.6 & 602.7)
  • An increased discharge into the PVSC system as calculated by a PVSC Inspector, using the NJAC 7:14A 23.3.

How can I contact the PVSC Connection Unit?

Tel: 973-817-5706 Fax: 973-466-2712


Mail to:

Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission
600 Wilson Avenue
Newark, NJ 07105
Attn: Connections Unit, Inspection & Compliance Bureau,

(Please include Inspector's name. and if applicable the file number)

Are all applications to PVSC chargeable? Will I be charged simply for applying to your Commission?

No, historically only 1 in 4 have any charges associated, Unit Inspectors review a wide range of documents to get a clear understanding of how each and every project will impact the PVSC treatment works. The files are reviewed identically in all of the municipalities and the PA NY/NJ within the PVSC district.

When is a connection fee to PVSC due?

There is a connection fee to PVSC due when a new connection to a municipal sewer is going to be made or if there is a proposed change in the operation from an existing connection, even though a new connection is not made. See PVSC Rules and Regulations (R&R) section 202.1,2 along with 602.6 and 602.7 for more.


Is this a new Rule?

No, section 602.6 and 602.7 of the R&R were included in the Public Hearing on Change 10 to the PVSC R&R on March 11, 1998 and became effective on June 18, 1998. Each municipality's Sewer Use Ordinance has subsequently adopted these R&R by reference.

How are the fees calculated?

Every new, changed or increased discharge via a connection made to the local sewer system which conveys wastewater to PVSC will be required to apply for a PVSC connection approval.  There is a $250.00 Administrative Fee as well as a fee for the average amount of flow to be discharged from the project.  The assigned flows per type of activity are listed at N.J.A.C. 7:14A-23.3 - Projected Flow Criteria, for projects that require a connection fee. These fees and criteria are outlined in the PVSC Sewer Connection Application. Upon verification, credit for existing use may be applied to all projects actively generating wastewater into the PVSC system.  *Projects deemed vacant, abandoned or those which have not generated a discharge to the treatment works in the last 5 years DO NOT qualify for credit. *Properties which were acquired with zero consumption at the time of purchase also DO NOT qualify  Any time credit is requested the PVSC Inspector must be presented with verification documents, or credit will not be approved.

How can I obtain a copy of the Application?

Contact the PVSC Inspector for your town and arrange to meet them at your local Construction Code Office.  Alternately, you can print an online application located under the "More Information" section on the right side of this page. Or a fillable application can easily be found here:  http://www.nj.gov/pvsc/what/connect/

What do I have to include in my application?

Guidance is listed on the form entitled "Sewer Connection Submittal Requirement Checklist" which is page 1 of the Connection Application Calculate. Each Inspector can also advise as to the extent of verification paperwork needed.

How do I go about paying the fee?

CASH IS NEVER ACCEPTED!                      Credit Cards are currently not an option for payment either. 


The fastest and least time-consuming option is a Wire Transfer.  Payment by check or money order is another option.  Check or Money Order should be made payable to "Passaic Valley Sewerage Commission" or "PVSC," and should be submitted along with your completed application and checklist.  Any check or money order will carry a 14 work-day clearance time.  If you have satisfied all other application requirements but need a quicker turn-around, you should contact PVSC to initiate a wire transfer.  It is VERY IMPORTANT to note the PROJECT NAME and/or FILE NUMBER (if applicable) on the check or wire transfer paperwork, or reference either in the check MEMO line. Doing so saves time and speeds the process. 

NOTE: Any checks returned for insufficient funds will carry with them an additional $25.00 fee and the newly assigned amount must be reconciled via Wire Transfer of funds, not with another check.

How long does it take to receive a letter to proceed?

A typical application should take approximately two weeks to process but will be held until the bank has cleared the check.  If you have satisfied all other application requirements but need a quicker turn-around you should contact the PVSC Inspector to initiate a wire transfer.

What happens if I fail to comply?

A PVSC Inspector will not sign off on your project. Without a PVSC endorsement, neither a Construction Permit nor a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) will be granted by the municipality or agency. (5:23-2.15 5. A statement that all required State, county and local prior approvals have been given, including such certification as the construction official may require; ) Subsequently, a connection to the sewer or increase in the intensity will not be allowed until the fee is paid. Once all of the PVSC requirements are met a copy of the letter or a release from PVSC is presented to the local Construction Code Official or equivalent.  PVSC has the cooperation of the Mayors, Construction Code Officials, as well as Planning and Zoning committees in all of its contributing municipalities and agencies. Any instances of non-compliance will be subject to enforcement under PVSC's Rules & Regulations.