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Dear Potential Ratepayer Advocate List Serve Subscriber:

We’ve updated our files and want you to know that we’re renewing our commitment to keep consumers informed of the activities of the New Jersey Ratepayer Advocate via our list serve.

As you know, the Ratepayer Advocate participates in many issues that directly affect New Jersey residents and their utilities. We are an independent state agency that represents and protects the interests of all utility customers—residential, small business, commercial and industrial—whenever companies in New Jersey seek changes in their rates or their delivery of natural gas, electric, water, wastewater, telephone or cable TV services. The Ratepayer Advocate has a mission to ensure that all consumers receive safe, adequate and essential services at affordable rates.

By signing up to be on our list serve, you can be assured of getting the latest news about our division and consumer information. For instance, we recently issued a press release applauding the Federal Communications Commission for its ruling requiring Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone service providers to make it standard service for customers to have 911 emergency service. Our list serve members will also receive a schedule of our latest speaking engagements (call my office to schedule a free presentation to your organization on various utility issues) and information on topics such as how to conserve energy.

Subscribing to our list serve is simple. Please go to www.rpa.state.nj.us/rpanews.htm. If you have questions for us, please send them to our website at www.rpa.state.nj.us or call us at 973-648-2690. Thank you for considering subscribing to the list serve.

Seema M. Singh, Esq.
Ratepayer Advocate


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