Ratepayer Advocate Calls For Lowering Wholesale Rate Verizon NJ Can Charge Competitors To Use Its Network

Ratepayer Advocate Says Lower Wholesale Rate Will Increase Competition Among the Carriers, Increase Consumer Choice and Increase Technological Innovation

Ratepayer Advocate Opposes Verizon NJ's Recommended Increase in Cost of Capital and the Shortening of Depreciation Lives

Ratepayer Advocate Says Verizon NJ's Proposed Adjustments Will Adversely Affect Local Competition in New Jersey, Decrease Consumer Choice and Impede Technological Innovation

The following links are to the expert testimony the Ratepayer Advocate submitted to the Board of Public Utilities. The documents comprise the record that the BPU will use to render a decision.

Direct Testimony of Susan M. Baldwin on Behalf of the Division of the Ratepayer Advocate.

Direct Testimony of James A. Rothschild on Behalf of the Division of the Ratepayer Advocate.

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