Blossom A. Peretz, Esq. , Ratepayer Advocate
Division of the Ratepayer Advocate
State of New Jersey
31 Clinton Street, 11th Floor
P.O. Box 46005
Newark, New Jersey 07101

June 1997

Revised 9/9/97

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I. Goals

II. A Networked Education and Life-Long Learning Model for New Jersey Schools and Libraries

A. Technology for New Jersey Schools & Libraries

B. Effective Use of Technology

III. Educational Networking for New Jersey: The Costs

A. Public School Costs

B. Library Costs

IV. Funding Options for New Jersey

A. State Technology Funding Approaches

B. An Overview of Tax-Exempt Leasing as a School Funding Source

C. Discounts for Schools and Libraries: An Overview of Federal and State Regulatory Proceedings Regarding Universal Service

D. Additional Funding Options for New Jersey

V. Cost Reduction Opportunities

VI. Some Immediate Steps to Be Taken



APPENDIX AAssumptions
APPENDIX BEducational Telecommunications Online in New Jersey
APPENDIX CSchool & Library Cost Data
APPENDIX DRevenue and Cost Reduction Initiatives
APPENDIX EEducational Technology Funding for K-12 Schools-Sources of Funding for Educational Technology, State by State
APPENDIX FThe Telecommunications Act of 1996 (Excerpted)
APPENDIX GBrief on Behalf of the Division of the Ratepayer Advocate on Universal Service Issues (Excerpted)
APPENDIX HSources of Federal Technology Funds
APPENDIX ISources of Further Information