Press Releases

May 3, 2016
SCI Finds Contract Irregularities, Lax Oversight and Conflicts in Online Tax Sale Program
December 2, 2015
SCI Exposes Abuse, Influence Peddling in Used-Car Dealer Regulation
February 12, 2015
New Chairman at SCI
May 21, 2014
Questionable and Abusive Bail Bond Practices
July 10, 2013
SCI Exposes Corrupt Doctors, Organized Crime Links in Report on Presciption Pill/Herion Abuse
November 16, 2012
Former Passaic County Judge Named New SCI Commissioner
October 25, 2012
SCI Assists In Major National Gambling, Money Laundering Busts
May 9, 2012
Union Leave Costs Taxpayers Millions
June 15, 2011
Pills to Heroin: New Jersey's Flourishing Narcotics Trade
September 10, 2010
NJSIAA Plagued by Poor Internal Controls, Excessive Spending, Questionable Contracts
February 9, 2010
Legislature Addresses SCI Recommendations on Benefits, Higher Education
November 14, 2008
Criminal Street Gangs and New Jersey's Prison System
September 16, 2008
Bidding Irregularities, Conflicts and Lax Transparency in Fire Truck Deals
February 6, 2008
The SCI At 40: New Commitment To Investigative Fact-Finding And Vital Reform Efforts To Waste And Abuse
December 5, 2007
SCI Finds Weaknesses In The Procurement And Oversight Of Electronic Voting Machines To Waste And Abuse
October 25, 2007
SCI Recommends Vast Reform Of Public Higher Education; Finds Entire System Vulnerable To Waste And Abuse
April 18, 2007
SCI Finds Fraud, Waste In N.J. Charity Care Program
December 8, 2006
Subversion Of Firearms Ammo Sales
March, 13, 2006
SCI Finds Questionable And Hidden Pay, Perks For Top School Officials
December 20, 2005
SCI Finds Corruption In State Tax Collection Deal
August 16, 2005
SCI Finds Service Delays And ‘Hidden Tax’ In Diversion Of Real Estate Fees
March 31, 2005
SCI Issues Final Report: New-Home Construction And Inspection Abuses
June 29, 2004
Systemic Failures In New-Home Construction
October 7, 2004
SCI Calls E-Z Pass Procurement A ‘Disaster’; Outlines Systemic Reforms In Contract Oversight And Auditing
May 5, 2004
SCI Calls For New Assault On Organized Crime, Drugs, Gangs
January 15, 2004
Home Construction And Inspection Abuses – Part II
April 24, 2003
SCI Hearings: Organized Crime
March 5, 2003
Waste And Abuse By Associated Humane Societies


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SCI Exposes Bail-Bond Abuses

Scenes From an Epidemic, Pills to Heroin

Union Leave Costs Taxpayers Millions

Criminal Intrusion in Solid Waste, Recycling

Public Hearing: N.J.’S Flourishing Narcotics Trade

SCI Finds Waste, Lack of Internal Controls at NJSIAA

Waste and Abuse in Local Government Employee Compensation and Benefits

Gangs in New Jersey Prisons

Alarming Contracts in the Purchase of Fire Trucks in New Jersey

The Integrity of Electronic Voting

Higher Education: Vulnerable to Abuse

Charity Care: An Ailing System