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The Commission on Science and Technology strives to increase federal research funding for small technology firms in New Jersey, specifically by increasing investments through the federal Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program.

The SBIR Bridge Grant Program supports New Jersey’s technology industry by awarding $50,000 grants to help sustain small businesses through the funding gap between completion of the federal SBIR Phase I grant and initiation of a Phase II award. Grant recipients include:

November 2009

Universal Global Products, LLC
Dover, NJ
Mr. Svetoslav Zlatev

Universal Global Products, LLC located at the Picatinny Technology Innovation Center, develops processes for large scale synthesis of boron nanomaterial. The product is used for applications requiring ultra high strength lightweight composite materials including both military and commercial systems.

Princeton Optronics Inc.
Mercerville, NJ
Dr. Lawrence Watkins

Princeton Optronics has developed a unique technology to produce a tunable low noise laser that meets the Navy's requirements for the Undersea Sensor Systems. The SBIR awarded to them is to develop this Low Noise Tunable Wavelength Laser for Fiber Optic Sensor systems.

Neurotez Inc.
 Bridgewater, NJ
Dr. Nikolaos Tezapsidis

Project Title: Leptin as a therapy for Alzheimer's disease (AD): Neurotez Inc. is preparing to launch the clinical development of leptin as a hormone replacement therapy for AD patients, and as a preventative therapy for those at risk. Neurotez is committed to bringing novel therapies for CNS disorders, capitalizing on knowledge and technologies in metabolic pathways.

 WeVoice, Inc.
 Bridgewater, NJ
Dr. Yiteng (Arden) Huang

Project Title: Human Interface Systems and Technologies for Spacesuits: The objective of this research project is to develop a speech human interface that can offer both crewmember usability and system operational efficiency.

 March 2009

Princeton Optronics Inc.
Mercerville, NJ
Dr. Lawrence Watkins

Princeton Optronics has developed a unique technology to produce high output power VSELs in compact and surface mount form. The SBIR awarded to them is to develop a laser source using their technology for communications and sensor applications that require the blue wavelength.


WeVoice Inc.
Somerset, NJ
Dr. Yiteng Huang

Wevoice is working with NASA on a proposed Integrated Spacesuit Audio (ISA) system that can possess similar performance to a CCA (Communication-Cap-based Audio ) while offering astronauts inherent comfort and ease of use. Advanced microphone array and noise reduction algorithms are developed to achieve the technical goals.

September 2008 

Applechem Inc.
Newark, NJ
Samuel Lin

This bridge grant is intended to support the pilot plant scale-up of their three prototype vegetable oil gels, made of soybean oil, sun flower seed oil, and advanced polymers, and to support the development of product specifications. The purpose of this project is to (1) develop new value-added applications of US-based vegetable oils, and (2) Replace petroleum-sourced materials with bio-based and renewable sourced materials.

Lenterra Inc.
Newark, NJ
Valery Sheverev

 Lenterra has a cost effective analytical technology platform to identify and measure the fluxes and concentrations of greenhouse gasses based on the company's proprietary technology of Penning Ionization Electron Spectroscopy (PIES) in plasma. During Phase II, they will develop a compact and portable version using the same technology.

 Princeton Power Systems Inc. 
Princeton, NJ 
Darren Hammell

 Princeton Power Systems will develop an advanced high-power electronics platform using its AC-link power conversion technology, a high-frequency digital control system, and high-power transistors based on silicon carbide semiconductor materials. This platform will have exceptionally high efficiency and power density, which is critical to both shipboard applications for the US Navy, and tying distributed generation sources such as solar arrays and wind turbines to the electric grid.

June 2008

BanDeMar Networks, Inc.
Newark, NJ
Cesar Bandera, Ph.D.

BanDeMar Networks is creating a network service called Just-In-Time Training for Emergency Incidents System that delivers real time multimedia to the cell phones of Emergency responders and health care providers regardless of phone or carrier.

Simphotek, Inc
Newark, NJ
Karl W. Beeson

Simphotek is developing a suite of general purpose optical CAD software that will allow for better modeling of photonic materials and devices. Their patented software will apply to markets in energy, the environment, nanotechnology, life sciences and communications

October 2005

Princeton Multimedia Technologies (Vio Care)
Rick Weiss, president

Working with the National Institutes of Health, the company is developing tools, such as web-based questionnaires, that patients can use to report their health and activity data to physicians. Such information can help health care providers identify patients with lifestyle-related risks for metabolic diseases and provide motivational personalized counseling for change.

Herbst Research, Inc.
Ewa Herbst Ph.D.

Electrical stimulators are widely used for treatment of several medical problems. Herbst Research is working with the National Institutes of Health on adding a sensor interface, providing the ability to appropriately react to the conditions in the body and to optimize treatment outcomes.

Nanonex Corporation
Monmouth Junction
Larry Koecher, COO

Nanonex Corporation is working with the Department of Defense to develop its technology based on the pioneering research of Professor Stephen Y. Chou of Princeton University. The company offers many tools using nanoimprint lithography (NIL), a breakthrough method of nanopatterning and a revolutionary approach to nanomanufacturing.

July 2005

Chembrane Research and Engineering
NJIT Enterprise Development Center,
Yingjie Qin, President

Chembrane has a contract with the federal Department of Energy for a multi-layer membrane process to capture greenhouse gas from coal fired power plants, resulting in environmental and economic benefits.

Philip Efthimion, Director of Research and Development

Envimetrics is working with the U.S. Army on portable instruments to analyze and detect chemical, biological, explosive and nuclear agents from significant distances, with possible applications for homeland security as well.

Princeton Optronics
Shrikant Parikh

Princeton Optronics is working with the U.S. Navy to provide integrated, tunable transmitters. Princeton Optronics will be integrating their wide-band, tunable laser with other optical devices to meet the stringent requirements of NAVAIR for tunable transmitters.

April 2005

Advanced Cerametrics
Richard Cass, President

Under a Phase I contract with the US Department of the Navy, this company developed a new material that can withstand intense temperatures and remain electronically transparent enough for use in hypersonic missiles. They are now working to strengthen the material for use as the nosecone (radome) in the next generation of missiles flying at speeds as high as Mach 8 (6,000 mph).

Innovative Power Solutions
Eli Liebermann, President

This company is under contract with the Department of the Air Force to develop an intermittent power generator that can energize microwave and laser powered guns for both ground and airborne use.

Menssana Research Inc.
Fort Lee

Pulmonary tuberculosis is a serious public health problem but is often expensive and time-consuming to diagnose. Menssana showed in a Phase I clinical trial that a breath test could provide a faster, better and cheaper way to diagnose TB. The company now is working to develop a miniaturized and rapid breath test suitable for screening in a doctor’s office.

January 2005

F&H Applied Science Associates, Inc.
Mount Laurel
Robert Fishel, president

F&H is working with the US Air Force on the development of prototype devices and subsystems. They work on both software and hardware activities in the areas of surveillance, communications and Microwave and Photonics devices and systems. In the past ten years, F&H has provided services to NIH, DoE, DoD and other government agencies. F&H is a tenant in the Burlington County Community College High Technology Small Business Incubator which has significant resources available for successful commercialization of the proposed microchip laser. F&H currently is developing a High Power Amplifier that will augment the capabilities of advanced munitions for the US Air Force.

New Jersey Microsystems, Inc.
Dadi Setiadi, chief technology officer

New Jersey Microsystems is working with NASA on a proposed system of small sensor tags, which include a cardiopulmonary sensor for measuring heartbeat and breath rates continuously, for astronauts. Astronauts can wear a single wireless sensor worn as a Band-Aid like adhesive, allowing additional sensors to be added. Data can be displayed locally or telemetered to earth stations for review by clinicians.

PharmaSeq, Inc.
South Brunswick
Wlodek Mandecki, president

PharmaSeq provides ultra-small microtransponders and a fluidics-based, bench-top flow reader as tools to perform complex bioassays. The main goal of the present project is to build a two-color instrument for reading microtransponders to permit quantitative bioassays. The flow reader can be used for diagnostics in vitro and drug discovery projects.