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The Commission on Science and Technology is actively participating in new efforts around New Jersey and the region to fully develop and commercialize the rapidly growing field of nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is the science of creating and building with materials about the size of a nanometer – a nanometer is the size of a few atoms.

The Commission recently made a $500,000 investment in NJ NANO @ RU, a nanotechnology facility at the Institute for Advanced Materials and Devices located at Rutgers University. This program creates the opportunity for the collaborative use of the facilities, including equipment and expert support, by research universities and industry in New Jersey.

The Commission’s investment in NJ NANO @ RU will specifically do the following:

  • Leverage $5 million in existing donated resources and state-of-the-art equipment
  • Allow for the acquisition of new equipment, including the most powerful microscope in New Jersey
  • Make equipment available to nanotech and other industries in New Jersey
  • Train students with the skills to move into nanotechnology jobs

Recently, the Commission released a report outlining the state of nanotechnology in New Jersey and the nation. The report, titled  Nanotechnology: Assets and Opportunities in New Jersey, provides information on the opportunities available to the state of New Jersey and its industries.

New Jersey assets include:

  • A robust base of companies actively engaged in nanotechnology R&D, with New Jersey having more than 50 companies generating patents and receiving federal R&D awards in nanotechnology.
  • World class universities which provide a foundation for economic growth in New Jersey: Over 150 faculty, 125 postdoctoral fellows and close to 400 graduate students are engaged in interdisciplinary nanotechnology research in New Jersey.