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Incubator Graphics


November 2009

 Healthy Functions, LLC at the NJIT Enterprise Development Center in Newark $50,000
Healthy Functions, LLC has developed and patented the first new concept design in pressure relief mattresses in 40 years.  This grant will help the Company conduct extended testing in New Jersey's rehabilitation research facilities, so as to bring the device to market, and manufacture these units in New Jersey in time for compliance with our new state law requiring that all 52,000+ nursing home beds have bedsore (pressure ulcer) prevention mattresses by 2012.

AcquiSci Inc at the NJIT Enterprise Development Center in Newark $21,936
AcquiSci Inc. is developing its device-based proprietary multi-therapeutic platform; doseable-Oxidative Stressed Autologous Blood (d-OSAB), a systemic anti-inflammatory treatment of cardiovascular diseases with underlying inflammation.  The Company's initial clinical targets are Ischemic Brain Stroke and Chronic Heart Failure, two inflammatory-based diseases with few viable treatment options.

 Bionex Pharmaceuticals, LLC at the Commercialization Centre for Innovative Technologies in North Brunswick $50,000
Bionex Pharmaceuticals, LLC are focusing on development of novel drug delivery technologies and specialty pharmaceuticals for smoking cessation therapy, and for oral yeast infection treatment.

Actinobac Biomed, Inc at the Commercialization Centre for Innovative Technologies in North Brunswick $49,984
Actinobac is developing the naturally occurring protein drug candidate, leukotoxin, which specifically targets and kills white blood cells involved in a variety of medical conditions such as hematological cancers, latent infections, and autoimmune diseases. Their project involves the optimization of the synthesis of the protein agent and its preliminary scientific analysis.

Switch2Health Corp at the Commercialization Centre for Innovative Technologies in North Brunswick $50,000
S2H will engage in field trials with school-age children, collect and analyze data and continually implement enhancements to their patent pending activity sensor and proprietary algorithms; intended to motivate individuals to be physically active.

Unified Control Technology Corp at Rutgers Eco Complex in Bordentown $50,000
Unified Control Technology Corporation (UCTC) proposes to design and build a pilot process that will demonstrate pH control for wastewater effluent treatment in the process industry. The pilot process will include the state of art advanced process control technology developed by UCTC.

May  2006

Smarter Agent at the ACIN Center for Entrepreneurship in Camden $50,000
Smarter Agent is creating a communication revolution by combining the powerful capabilities of mobile LBS (location based services) technology with real estate content about properties, neighborhoods and interesting places around you. Smarter Agent is the inventor of mobile LBS triggered real estate searching. Smarter Agent has been granted several patents governing the use of LBS in the real estate vertical. The company's application platform delivers dynamic, location-relevant content to both mobile devices and the Internet. This allows consumers and enterprise users to learn, interact and transact with the world around them as never before possible.


Axiom Orthopaedics at the Jersey City Business Development Incubator in Jersey City $50,000
Axiom Orthopaedics, Inc. is a medical device company focused on the field of reconstructive orthopedic implants. The Company is currently focused on the development of a platform of next generation shoulder replacement products. These products incorporate novel and innovative anatomic designs that will better restore natural joint function, significantly improve clinical range of motion and increase long term stability.


Frontier Performance Polymers at the Picatinny Technology Innovation Center in Dover $50,000
Frontier Performance Polymers Corporation  is a technology-driven interdisciplinary company capable of integrating R&D, material development, design, component molding, material testing, prototype, testing  and manufacturing expertise with state-of-the-art simulation and modeling software technology for the defense, energy , environmental, and manufacturing markets.  Located inside the Picatinny Arsenal, the Picatinny Technology Innovation Center, Frontier bridges the gap between industry and military application-oriented research and development.  Frontier partners with academic and government to create practical solutions to product-design challenges that address cost, performance and manufacturability across the product life cycle.


Form, Fit, Function at the Picatinny Technology Innovation Center in Dover $48,000
Form Fit and Function is a privately held engineering, technology development and manufacturing firm located at the Picatinny-Technology Innovation Center within the Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey. Form Fit and Function conducts research, development and design of semi-active motion control devices, using magneto rheological fluids for military and industrial applications, providing proprietary vibration and shock absorber designs, in one simplified customizable package for integration into existing structures. The business is focused on developing active solution-systems to attenuate or dampen vibration (-95%) with the ability to mitigate simultaneous shock-induced displacement (< 4,500 lbs force).


Ennova at the Commercialization Centre for Innovative Technologies in North Brunswick $49,228
Ennova MedChem Group, Inc. (Ennova MedChem) is a technology based company founded in 2002.  Using its technology expertise in Medicinal Chemistry Ennova provide in-house designed proprietary specialty compounds to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.  These specialty compounds, some are building blocks and some pharmaceutical intermediates, are created with multiple flexible functional groups are extremely valuable to drug discovery R&D.  Over the last four years, Ennova have developed over 1000 catalog specialty compounds and provided to more than 300 including all major pharmaceutical and >60% biotechnology companies worldwide.


Urovalve, Inc. at the NJIT Enterprise Development Center in Newark $44,231
The purpose of Urovalve, Inc. is to design, develop, and commercialize superior medical devices that address problems with urinary flow and control. Three specific areas of interest are urinary retention; leakage (incontinence), and diagnostics (urodynamics). The current focus of the Company is on completing development, regulatory approval and commercialization of our initial device; a disposable, patient-controlled intraurethral valved-catheter that is intended to treat chronic male urinary retention (such as that caused by spinal cord injury and neurological diseases) and acute male urinary retention (such as that caused by prostate hypertrophy). Urovalve has developed technology to control fluid flow through small diameter flexible tubing.