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The key to competitiveness for New Jersey’s technology economy is our ability to innovate and to put those innovations to work.

The Commission on Science and Technology encourages universities and private industry to develop collaborative research projects that make the best use of our highly skilled scientists and engineers for applied research and to encourage innovation and commercialization of new technologies here in New Jersey.

Edison Innovation Centers of Excellence Federal Matching Program

The Edison Innovation Centers of Excellence Federal Matching Program seeks to bring more federal research dollars to New Jersey by leveraging federal investments in New Jersey's research universities and institutions. The Commission will provide matching funds up to $500,000 to increase the success of receiving federal grants for research centers of excellence in the state's priority technology areas. This program will strengthen the federal proposal of successful applicants by committing to make a significant investment in the center of excellence once awarded by the federal agency.

New Jersey Technology and Entrepreneur Fellowship Program

The Commission on Science and Technology pays the salary of recent graduates to work in small New Jersey technology companies, providing companies with new talent and expertise. The Technology Fellowship Program provides doctoral graduates with valuable entrepreneur experience and helps create more high-quality high-tech jobs in New Jersey. The Entrepreneur Fellowship Program allows MBA graduates to continue their career development in New Jersey technology companies. The Fellowship provides $65,000 salary for the first year, $75,000 salary for the second year, with an addition $10,000 each year to be spent on career development expenses for the postdoctoral fellow. 

University Intellectual Property Program

The Commission provides funding to New Jersey research universities through the University Intellectual Property Program to develop new products, create new businesses and generate new quality jobs in New Jersey. Technology transfer programming at universities under this program includes "gap funding," new company initiatives, venture presentation, and increased licensing and patent activity.

Edison Innovation Zones

The Edison Innovation Zones throughout the state encompass state universities, research institutions and related businesses within the cities of Camden and Newark and the Greater New Brunswick Area . The Edison Innovation Zones are a collaborative state effort involving the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology and other state agencies. These "technology neighborhoods" provide enhanced financial incentives, spur collaborative efforts and encourage the rapid transfer of discoveries from the laboratory to the marketplace.