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Fellowship Eligibility

All of the following criteria must apply in order to be eligible: 

  • Fellow must be prepared to receive an MBA degree within six months or have just received an MBA degree within the past six months from any university.  (Occasional exceptions for extenuating circumstances may be made.)
  • Preference will be given to;
    • Graduates from a New Jersey university. 
    • New Jersey residents graduating from universities outside New Jersey
  • Must be in good standing with the conferring university.
  • Must continue to live in New Jersey while he or she holds this position. 

Must be: 

  • US Citizen; or
  • Legal Permanent Resident; or
  • Individuals with all the following: a valid immigrant visa, a valid Employment Authorization Document, AND an I-485 application pending with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service.  

Please note that the following are not acceptable status for this program as of the date of the application: F-1 visa, H-1B visa.

Company Eligibility

All of the following criteria must apply in order to be eligible:

  • Principal place of business is New Jersey
  • 75% of employees live in New Jersey
  • Total revenue, of this company and all subsidiaries, is less than $10 million
  • Minimum of two full time employees
  • The applicant's primary business is the provision of a scientific process, product or service and the applicant owns, has filed for, or has a license to use protected, proprietary intellectual property
  • Company must be organized as a C Corp or LLC with a business plan
  • Company may not be a home-based operation

The salary funding levels for Technology Entrepreneur Fellowships are $65,000 for the first year and $75,000 for the second year. Funding for the second year is non-competitive but is based on approval of the first year's progress reports by the Commission’s Emerging Business Committee.  The second year pay is $75,000, the applicant company is required to match $25,000 and $50,000 is provided by NJCST.


Applications are accepted twice throughout the year. Applications must be in the NJCST office by the specified date and time

Applications are not being accepted at this time

Decisions will be made based on the value of the proposed placement to the New Jersey economy. Preference will be given to companies in Innovation Zones; however, all New Jersey companies are eligible.