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Must the $65,000 fellowship be used exclusively for the postdoc’s salary?
Yes. The fellowship money is intended to serve as salary. A small expense budget may also be available for equipment or conference attendance.

If a postdoc has not yet filed an application for a green card, but a company is willing to sponsor a postdoc for legal permanent residency (a green card); is the postdoc eligible for a Technology Fellowship?
No. In order to be eligible for the fellowship, the postdoc must be a 1.) US Citizen; 2) Legal Permanent Resident; or 3) Individuals with a valid Immigrant Visa, Employment Authorization Document, and a pending I-485 application. No exceptions will be made.

If a postdoc graduated from an out-of-state university but has recently moved to New Jersey, is the postdoc eligible to apply?
No. A goal of the program is to build collaboration between New Jersey universities, thesis advisors, and companies, to transfer technology or university experience to the marketplace.

How quickly after the award is made can the postdoc begin working in the company?
Once postdocs have completed their degrees, they can begin working for the company. The Commission on Science and Technology will only issue payment once all application requirements are met and the postdoc begins working for the company.

If a company has been awarded a Technology Fellowship, can the company then apply for another fellowship with a different postdoc within the same year?
No. A company is eligible for one Technology fellowship each fiscal year.|

Can the company apply for a second fellowship in the following year?
Yes. Companies that have previously been awarded fellowships are eligible to apply again for a fellowship as long as the maximum number of fellowships awarded each year does not exceed one.

Can the company use the $65,000 fellowship award to subsidize the postdoc’s salary and pay the postdoc more than $65,000?
Yes. The salary of the postdoc is left to the discretion of the company as long as it is no less than the $65,000 fellowship award.

Can a postdoc simultaneously apply for a Technology Fellowship with different companies?
No. Postdocs are permitted to submit one fellowship application, in conjunction with one company, per funding cycle.

How quickly after a fellowship award is made does a postdoc have to decide to accept or decline?
Six months.

For more information, please contact Edye Fineman at 609-984-1671.