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New Jersey Artist Series
Dahlia Elsayed: Hither and Yon

On view through
February 2, 2014

Main Building – Second Floor Riverside Gallery

Dahlia Elsayed working in her studio.
Courtesy of the Artist

Some Heavy Indulgences (2009),
Acrylic on paper.
Courtesy of the Artist

Dahlia Elsayed Exhibition Catalog

This exhibition presents the work of artist Dahlia Elsayed. Born in 1969 in New York, Elsayed lives
in Palisades Park and works from her Newark studio. The exhibit presents work created over the
past decade.

Writing and painting are important processes for Dahlia Elsayed, coming in part from her background in writing, as well as an interest in the relationship between language and image. For over a decade, she has been making paintings and installation that synthesize an internal and external experience of place, connecting the topographical with the psychological. Visually, the work pulls from conceptual art, comics, cartography and landscape painting and employs symbols of hard data-text, geologic forms, geographic borders, signs/markers, coastlines, tide schedules.

Elsayed’s interest in this type of work is personal: for three generations her family has moved from continent to continent due to political and religious persecution. This has fostered a deep curiosity into how story shapes a landscape, and its inverse, how landscape takes a mythic form in narrative.