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SMASH Series: Spectacularly Merging Art, Science & History
SMASH Series - Spectacular Merging Art, Science & History
Join us for the SMASH Series – Spectacularly Merging Art, Science and History!
Each SMASH event has a theme and explores the fascinating intersection of science, art and history. Visitors discover an array of hands-on activities, experiments, and demonstrations, meet the Museum’s experts and examine our collections through the lens of science.
March Event - Prehistoric AdventureSMASH: Creepy Crawlers

Saturday, June 10, 2017
10:00 am – 3:00 pm

Come explore the amazing group of animals called ARTHROPODS! With segmented bodies and exoskeletons, arthropods account for 80% of all known species on Earth, including insects and crustaceans. 

Meet a few of New Jersey’s arthropods through STEAM activities:

  • Did you know New Jersey has 4000 species of bees? Explore how bees communicates through dance, are whizzes at math, and serve as a “canary in the coalmine” when it comes to understanding the health of our environment
  • Monarch Migration Obstacle Course: On their 2,000 mile migration from the U.S. and Canada to central Mexico, thousands of delicate yet hardy monarchs pass through Cape May, New Jersey each autumn. Will you make it through the challenges of our Monarch Migration Obstacle Course?
  • Learn to identify New Jersey forest pest invaders with the New Jersey Department of Agriculture, and what you can do to stop the invasion!
  • Examine specimens up close, and get familiar with these crazy cool crawlers