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Production companies looking to save money should look to New Jersey first. The state offers an array of attractive financial incentives, including the newly created 20% tax credit. This tax credit is available to producers who spend 60% of their budgets in New Jersey, exclusive of post-production costs. The credit is both saleable and transferable, and may be carried over to subsequent tax years.

New Jersey continues to offer a loan guarantee program administered by the New Jersey Economic Development Authority. Under this program, the NJEDA will guarantee up to 30% of a bank loan used to finance a motion picture or television program, up to $1.5 million. Filmmakers, in order to qualify, must shoot 70% of their projects in the Garden State. They are also required to spend 50% of their below-the-line budgets here.

Lastly, producers can avail themselves of a special exemption from New Jersey's 6% sales tax, when purchasing or renting certain tangible property used directly and primarily in the production of film and television programs. This includes, but is not limited to, the procurement of camera and lighting equipment, hardware, lumber, picture cars and other materials and services.

The state has always been a popular destination for producers, due to its abundance of attractive locations, large talent pool, excellent transportation system, cooperative spirit and proximity to major metropolitan areas. Add "cost-efficient" to the list. New Jersey can help production companies keep their bottom line, in line.

For more information on production incentives available in New Jersey, contact the Motion Picture and Television Commission at 973-648-6279, or visit the Commission's web site.