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New Jersey’s motion picture and television industry enjoyed one of its busiest days ever on Thursday March 13th. Multiple projects were filmed around the state according to Joseph Friedman, Executive Director of the New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission.

New Jersey filmmaker Dante Tomaselli's latest feature, "Satan's Playground," has recently been released on DVD by Anchor Bay Entertainment in an extras-laden Special Edition. Filmed entirely in the Whitesbog area of the Pine Barrens in the fall and winter of 2003, it is the third horror movie to use the state's scenic, 1.1 million acre wildlife area as a background in the last few years.

Tomaselli, a Paterson native, previously filmed the moody, atmospheric "Desecration" on location in his hometown and surrounding areas. This feature launched his professional career, during which he has gained a growing reputation as a horror director in the mold of such Italian masters as Dario Argento and Mario Bava. His earlier works, including the widely praised "Horror," eschewed conventional narrative and emphasized intricate visual style and complex use of music and sound effects.

"Satan's Playground," which has a more linear structure, concerns a family whose camping trip in the woods goes inexplicably wrong. The story incorporates the legend of the Jersey Devil, and stars such horror movie veterans as Felissa Rose ("Sleepaway Camp"), Ellen Sandweiss ("The Evil Dead") and Edwin Neal ("The Texas Chainsaw Massacre" ). The movie has been praised as being "gripping and authentic" by Beyond, and a "top shelf production" by DVD Verdict. The San Francisco Bay Guardian has acclaimed Tomaselli as being "a major U.S. champion of surreal horror."

Tomaselli is not the first horror auteur in his family. His cousin, Alfred Sole, is best known for having written and directed the cult thriller "Communion." This well regarded shocker was filmed on location in Paterson, and featured the debut of Englewood native Brooke Shields.

Other movies shot in the Pine Barrens during the past several years include "13th Child: Legend Of The Jersey Devil," starring Cliff Robertson, and "Fallen," with Denzel Washington.


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