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(FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE) Shocking News! The Electric Company, the critically acclaimed children’s series that aired on PBS from 1971 – 1985, is being revived and reenergized for a new generation of school children. Sesame Workshop, the nonprofit educational organization behind Sesame Street, is currently filming 26 new episodes at a Newark, New Jersey based studio and on location in and around New York City.

The program’s goal will remain exactly the same as that of the original series: to combat the literary crisis facing America’s young children. The new edition of The Electric Company will modernize the show in order to appeal to today’s media-driven elementary school students, combining colorful characters, familiar environments, comedy and music infused with urban beats and rhythmic tunes. “We are hoping to create a pop culture literacy revolution that reaches kids where they are -- on TV, broadband, after-school centers and in playgrounds across the country,” said Karen Fowler, Executive Producer.

Shooting of the first season began in Newark in mid-May, and will continue through October. “We are proud to welcome The Electric Company and its talented team to the City of Newark,” said Mayor Cory A. Booker. “For decades, Sesame Workshop has defined excellence in children’s programming, bringing a fresh, energetic approach to education, empowering generations of youngsters with some of the earliest academic tools and spiritual strength they need to succeed in school and life. The Electric Company puts children on the road to success, and we are sure that they will continue that course and find even greater success as Newark’s newest residents.”

Joseph Friedman, Executive Director of the New Jersey Motion Picture and Television Commission, points out that New Jersey has been home to many children’s series over the years, including Nickelodeon’s The Adventures Of Pete and Pete, HBO’s The Babysitter’s Club, The ABC Aftershool Specials, and numerous episodes of such PBS shows as Reading Rainbow, Shining Time Station and Mathnet. “We are delighted that Sesame Workshop has chosen to film the first season of The Electric Company in Newark, states Friedman, “and are particularly pleased that Newark schoolchildren will be seen in upcoming episodes. They are not only benefiting from the show, but playing an important role in its production.”

The Electric Company will begin airing nationally on PBS KIDS GO! in January 2009, and locally on WNET/Channel 13 and NJN.

About Sesame Workshop

Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit educational organization that changed television forever with the legendary Sesame Street. As the single largest informal educator of young children, local Sesame Street programs produced in countries as diverse as South Africa, Bangladesh and India are making a difference in over 120 nations. Using proprietary research to create engaging and enriching content, Sesame Workshop produces programs such as Dragon Tales and Pinky Dinky Doo. In addition, multimedia needs-driven initiatives provide families tools for addressing such issues as children’s health, military deployment and emergency preparedness. As a nonprofit, product proceeds and philanthropic donations support Sesame Workshop’s educational research and creative content for children around the world. Learn more at

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