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“Bar Karma,” a new television series produced by Five Alts Productions LLC and Worldwide Biggies, is now filming at the new Ironbound Film and Television Studios in Newark.

The unique show, conceptualized by Will Wright, creator of the wildly popular video game The Sims, is set in a mystical watering hole at the end of the universe. Mixing elements of “Cheers” and “The Twilight Zone,” it features a weekly guest star who visits the tavern to confront his or her destiny. The show stars William Sanderson (“Deadwood”), Matthew Humphries and Cassie Howarth, and is being executive produced by Montclair resident Albie Hecht.

Described as “television you can control,” the show is unique and innovative in a number of ways, most particularly because viewers are invited to join the on-line “Bar Karma” community and submit story concepts that can be developed into full episodes. According to Wright, the show is an experiment to “see if a group of viewers will go on the Internet and essentially create and perpetuate a television series.”

“Bar Karma” is the first production to be shot at the Ironbound Film and Television Studios, a 78,000 square foot Stay and Shoot™ studio facility that include six stages, post-production suites, audio recording facilities and 6,200 square feet of living accommodations for visiting filmmakers and television executives. The New Jersey Motion Picture and Television recommended the facility to the producers when they were scouting last December. Within days of speaking to Mary Beth O’Connor and Richard Garcia of Ironbound Studios, Hecht committed to shooting the series’ first 13 episodes there. O’Connor believes the quality of the services offered, the accessibility of the facility, and the surprisingly affordable rates were critical to closing the deal.

“New Jersey’s newest full-service studio is off to a spectacular start,” according to Steven Gorelick, Executive Director of the Commission, “and we are working closely with the studio and the City of Newark to attract many other projects in the months to come.”

Now airing on Current TV, “Bar Karma” can be seen Friday nights at 10:00 pm. Viewers can also watch episodes and submit plot suggestions on the official Bar Karma website

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